At the World Market, you can browse items for sale from Trademasters all around the world! You can even visit their islands and add them as friends! The World Market is the dockyard on the leftmost part of the island. You will need to reach level 12 before you can clear the land leading to it and fully repair the World Market for use!


Once inside, you can scroll through other Trademasters’ listings and find the goods you need. The boards display one item each player is selling—tap that item to see all the goods they have for sale.




1) Each sale board displays the player’s name and a preview of their market. Tap any sale to visit this player’s market and purchase items from them!
2) Tap the “X” to exit the World Market and return to your island.
3) Swipe the screen to scroll through more available sales!


1) Tap any available item to purchase it.
2) When an item reads “Sold”, it is no longer available for purchase.
3) Tap the “Visit” button to visit that Trademaster’s island!


Occasionally items that are shown as "Sold" may not actually be sold and may still be available to buy. The tip has various names including friend-buy-unfriend, the friend slot, or simply the trick.

If you see an item you really want, but it is shown as "Sold", you can try the following:

Make sure you have at least 1 "in-game / World Market" friend slot available (current max of 8).

Click on the "Visit" button on the right of the Trademaster's island name to go to their island. Once there, click the "+" (friend) button next to the island name and then open their "Wesley's Exports" building. The item may now be available to buy. Sometimes you need to close and open Wesley's Exports again (if the market name is blank).

Before leaving their island remember to click the "-" (unfriend) button next to their island name to leave a friend slot free for next time...