December 18, 2015 to January 6, 2016


Holiday decorations are here! Collect peppermint candy PepperMint to earn festive winter decorations from the Holiday Barge!

Collect peppermint candy by doing various activities around your island.

You have a chance to earn peppermint candy by doing the following: harvesting crops; collecting items from the turtles, moles, and otters; harvesting trees and bushes; crafting goods; opening presents!


Once you collect peppermint candy, this will introduce the Holiday Barge! You will need to be Level 16 to receive this quest.

Holiday barge menu

Look Familiar?

The Holiday Barge is your one-stop shop for holiday decorations! It’s just like the Bazaar, except you’ll be able to purchase special holiday decorations here using the peppermint candy you’ve collected.


Limited Edition Holiday Items

Snow patch

Holiday snowball stack

Holiday snowfort wall

Holiday snowfort corner

Holiday presents

Holiday fence

Holiday gate

1 PepperMint

5 PepperMint

10 PepperMint

10 PepperMint

15 PepperMint

15 PepperMint

30 PepperMint

Holiday planter

Lantern post XMas

Holiday northpole



Holiday tree

Holiday workshop

60 PepperMint

60 PepperMint

80 PepperMint

100 PepperMint

100 PepperMint

250 PepperMint

500 PepperMint

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