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'Ello Trademaster, Mattie 'n me can help ya build a Windmill to be right proud of. Swap away but watch yer step, the wind kicks up fierce! - Hattie
Avatar Hattie WindmillIsland.png
Trade Support Beams for Blades and Blades for Pulleys.

Windmill Island.png Windmill Island open.png

Relationship Rewards Reputation.png

This island yields special rewards (see Trading below) every 18 hours once you have reached level 5 relationship with Hattie and unlocked the 3rd trading panel.

Maximum Relationship Reward

At level 5 relationship with Hattie you can collect the Wind TurbineMiniWindmill.png and place it on your own island.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Reputation.png 500 1400 2200 3000 3800


Windmill Island tradepost.png

Hattie exchanges support beams for windmill blades, and windmill blades for pulleys.
Each type of exchange has a specific waiting time before it is available again.

Panel Table of item exchanges
1 2x Support BeamUpgrade-SupportBeam.png => 1x Windmill BladeUpgrade-WindmillBlade.png 2 hClock.png 114 Reputation.png
2 1x Windmill BladeUpgrade-WindmillBlade.png => 4x PulleyUpgrade-Pulley.png 5 hClock.png 64 Reputation.png
3 1-2x Support BeamUpgrade-SupportBeam.png
or 1-2x Windmill BladeUpgrade-WindmillBlade.png
=> 3-4x PearlsPearl.png, Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper.png,
1x BlackPowder.png Black Powder or 1x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket.png
18 hClock.png 112-2000 Reputation.png

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