An exotic but friendly pal. Sworn enemy of chew toys.
Lifetime of chew toys included!

White Tiger Portrait.png

How to get

This Limited Edition Pet is the Tier 7 prize of the January 2018 TradeFest.


Grand prize for the January 2018 TradeFest with the Apple BarrelDeco Apple Barrel.png and the Cider TeapotDeco Apple Cider Teapot.png decorations.

Keani Full Anniversary.png

The habitat base has been switched from grass to snow (Jan 2018).

Feeding, Rewards Levels

You can feed this pet 1x Grilled FishSearedAhiTuna.png or Primo Pet TreatsPetFood.png and you will receive a reward.

Possible rewards

In addition with pet's specific rank reward, see here : Pet reward chart

See here Pets and here Pet Sanctuary for all info on nap time, feeding, rewards and more.

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