Want to earn extra coins and free up storage space?

With help from Paradise Bay's own gentleman pirate, you can sell goods at Wesley's Exports!

Remember! Items offered for higher prices take longer to sell. Always create sales based on your resource and time constraints.

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Creating a Sale:

Creating a Sale Example

1) Choose Windmill or Treehouse storage.
2) Choose the item you’d like to sell.
3) Choose the quantity you’d like to sell.
4) Choose the price you’d like to sell for.
5) Place your sale.

Wesley's Exports Example

1) A completed sale ready to be collected—tap to collect coins.
2) Create a new sale.
3) A created sale awaiting a buyer (to view the cancel price, tap the sale).
4) Purchase another “Create Sale” slot.


The above is Quoted in part or full directly from the Official Paradise Bay FAQ