TP MD2-tradepost

Welcome to the Trade Post! It's where you'll fulfill trade requests from your fellow islanders.
Plant plenty of crops and keep your workshops busy to keep the trades flowing and the rewards coming in.
Keep it up and you'll be the most popular resident in Paradise Bay in no time!

The more you trade with the islanders, the happier they will be to call Paradise Bay home.

If you fulfill enough trade requests with an islander your friendship will level up and you'll receive a sparkling chest to open!

As friendship levels progress you'll also unlock special recipes, pets, and exclusive decorations at the Bazaar.

Keani Full Anniversary

If there is an undesirable trade request, you can cancel it and a new one will appear in 15 minutes. However, this does not apply to Storyline based trade requests, which are outline in yellow.


SS TradePostFinal

1) Character icons indicate which islander made the request.
2) Exclamation points QuestBubble and the gold highlight signify mission-related orders.
3) Items and quantity requested.
4) Removes an order from your Trade Post.
5) Rewards for completing the order.
6) Sends requested goods out when order is ready.


  • Trevor is the name of the Toucan at the trade post!
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