What is it for?

This template is used to call a specific template associated with a requested "style" (passed by named parameter) or, by default, the general Infobox {{InfoboxNew}} with the content of the variables populated via the transfer template {{PivotInfoboxNew}}.

List of possible styles

pricerow = Template:PriceRow
levelrow = Template:LevelRow
bazaarcostrow = Template:BazaarCostRow
bazaarreciperow = Template:BazaarRecipeRow
reciperow = Template:RecipeRow
recipequickrow = Template:RecipeQuickRow
crop/harvestablerow = Template:Crop/HarvestableRow
trademissionitem = Template:TradeMissionItem
islandrow = Template:IslandRow
petrow = Template:PetRow
decorationrow = Template:DecorationRow
iconmini = Template:IconMini
iconminirev = Template:IconMiniRev
iconmed = Template:IconMed
iconlarge = Template:IconLarge
namediconmed = Template:NamedIconMed

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