How to get

This tree is unlocked at Level {{{1}}}
Cost : {{{2}}} Gold.


Fruitification Time : {{{3}}} hours
Number of harvests : {{{4}}}
3x {{{5}}} every {{{3}}} hours

Eternal version

If available, an eternal version (5,000,000 harvests) can be purchased with Gems.
Eternal trees don't "die" and you can combine them with normal trees for a total of 7 trees per type (4 normal + 3 Eternal) on your island.
Cost of 1st : {{{6}}} Gems
Cost of 2nd : {{{7}}} Gems
Cost of 3rd : {{{8}}} Gems

See also

Trees and Bushes


For normal trees:
You can buy a maximum of 4 of each species of tree to plant on your island at any one time: 1st, 2nd, 3rd with Gold / 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th with Etoile Prestige (from the Bazaar). Trees received as seal dive rewards can be planted but you will not be able to buy another until you have only 3 left.

A tree can be harvested {{{4}}} times, after which it dies and must be replanted.
A dead tree can only be cut down (removed) using an Axe.

For eternal trees:
You can have a maximum of 3 of each species of tree on your island at any one time.

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