Make it a sunny day! Complete daily challenges and earn rewards!

A new mini-game is now live!
This mini-game was released to all players as part of version 2.6.0 on 17th July 2017.

Sunshine Challenges is similar to Horatio Jasper's demands during TradeFest. There are 3 panels, each one giving a challenge to be completed by 1900h GMT+1 (other times for different countries).

Each challenge is chosen at random from more than 60 possible options, divided into 3 difficulty levels - easy, medium and hard. Sunshine chalenge 1

Once a challenge is completed (blue check mark) you will be able to collect the reward displayed on the panel:

Sunshine chalenge 1 finished

Sunshine chalenge 1 validated

An indicator on the Level progress bar will show when challenges have been completed.

Sunshine star dock empty

Sunshine stardock 1 challenge full

List of possible Sunshine Challenge types

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