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Relationship Rewards


This Isle yields GoldenFleece.png Golden Fleece or Dyes every 8 hours once you have reached level 5 relationship with Yasmin and once you have reached level 9 relationship with Yasmin GoldenFleece.png Golden Fleece x2.

Sometimes she also yields Dyes in replacement of Golden Fleece
1xDyeGreen.png Green Dye chance : 6,52%
1xDyeBlue.png Blue Dye chance : 4.34%
1xDyeRed.png Red Dye chance : 2.18%

Max Relationship Reward


At level 10 relationship with Yasmin you get the Mannequin. It is a type of decor that does an animation when you tap it.


Whatever level of relationship with Yasmin, she sells every hour a variable amount of:

1 - 4 Needle.png Needle

1 - 4 TropicalShirt.png Tropical Shirt

1 - 3 Sarong.png Sarong

1 - 3 ShellNecklace.png Shell Necklace

(since half of march 2015 no more Sandals.png Sandals !)


Every hour also, Yasmin offers to buy a variable amount of:

2 - 7 Thread.png Thread

1 - 6 Espresso.png Espresso

3 - 15 Blueberries.png Blueberries

1 - 6 Cloth.png Cloth

(Since 1.6 update no more Needle.png Needle, replaced by Espresso.png Espresso)


Map pieces cost before update to 1.6 :

Islands of Paradise Bay
Island Pulley Storage.png Island Stair Storage.png Map-AnglerIsland.png Map-DreadbirdsFort.png
Island Windmill Storage.png Island Watermill Storage.png Map-MainIsland.png Island shoyu.png Hickory falls.png
Island AdventureShip.png Cartographer Island.png
Map-IsleOfTheGivingTree.png Map-ChameleonCove.png Map-StyleIsle.png Island wishingwell.png
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