Help your friends lure out those bats!

How to get

Spooky Sweets can be obtained :

How to use

Visit a fellow TradeMaster's island and drop Spooky Sweets onto their Drafting Table. You will receive 50x Batship Bat Snacks (to spend at the Bazaar) and 25 Social. The other Trademaster will receive 10x Batship Bat Snacks, 25 Social and 30x Reputation for their Table (plus a 20% chance of a bonus reward when they collect your present).

Sharing Spooky Sweets with other Trademasters

Help your fellow Trademasters by sharing your Spooky Sweets

  • Visit their island
  • Find their Drafting Table
  • Tap on it and drag Spooky SweetsBatship Spooky Sweets onto it

You can only give Spooky SweetsBatship Spooky Sweets to the same Trademaster every 6 hours.
Note: In your friends bar the Table event icon Batship Badge appears to the bottom-right of each avatar when you are able to give them Spooky Sweets. Similar to seal dives, friends to whom you have given Spooky Sweets within 6 hours or those that have not activated their Drafting Table are moved to the end of the list, regardless of their game level.

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