Sita is the owner of the Bazaar.


She has a pet cockatoo named Daphne, whom Sita claims will sing all night long, and a pet puffer fish named Cousteau.
Sita left her home - against the wishes of her parents - to start her own business. Though she still receives letters from her worried parents, Sita is much happier in Paradise Bay. She has shown a romantic interest in Wesley, whom she mentions she has a nice view of.


Sita appears to be of Indian descent. She wears her long black hair up in a ponytail using a purple tie decorated with small flowers. She wears a blue-and-green-striped bikini halter top with matching full-length skirt. Sita accessorizes with a fan, large golden earrings, and a pink-and-green shawl.

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Sita Quotes

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  • I grew up in trading company - this business is in my blood.
  • Back home I was lonely, but I'm making so many friends here.
  • If only my parents could see me now!
  • Daphne is a good conversationalist, and she hardly ever bites.
  • It's certainly quieter here than in the city I come from. I think I like it.
  • I'm meeting so many lovely people! Keani makes me feel so welcome.
  • Wesley's hiring out for hero work. Makes me wish I had some I could offer him.
  • Back home it's all hustle and bustle. I won't say I miss that.
  • I know trading, and I know Paradise Bay is poised to be a trading destination!
  • I'm so happy I came here. Everyone's so friendly!
  • Sita is on her own at last. Look out, world!
  • I'm going to make it after all!
  • If Cousteau waves his fins, it means he likes you!
  • Daphne woke me up so early this morning. *YAWN*
  • Finn is funny and brave, but it doesn't pay to take your eyes off him.
  • I'm going to have such fun trading here. What a life!
  • Starting my own business is a challenge, but I'll succeed. I have to!
  • I wanted to make my mark on the world, and I'm doing it!
  • Daphne's favorite food is pineapple. Good thing we live here!
  • Finn wants me to go adventuring with him, but I'm so busy!
  • Since I left the city and came here, every day is an adventure!
  • I'm going to love island life. I/m just sure I am.
  • Wesley's certainly an interesting fellow. So polite - hardly like a pirate at all!
  • If you came to visit Daphne, I hope you brought plenty of pineapple!
  • It wasn't easy leaving my family behind, but I need my independence.
  • I wonder if Wesley likes cockatoos. I hope he does.
  • I love my cockatoo, Daphne, except when she chew holes in my stuff...
  • My parents wanted me to stay home, but I booked passage on a ship coming here.
  • With a cockatoo to shriek in your ear at sunrise, who needs an alarm clock? Yawn!
  • So this is what independence feels like!
  • I often wish I had a sister so my parents had someone else to worry about.
  • Have you noticed how...handsome Wesley is? Just thought I'd mention that in passing.
  • I'd like to get to know Keani better, but we're both so busy!
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