A list of some Unavailable Items: items that were never released formally or have since been retired from the game. Most were retired as part of the July 28th, 2015 update.




CinnamonTree Cinnamon Cinnamon Tree / Cinnamon


Wood BucketWood Wood / Bucket of wood
Stone Stone
BambooPoles Bamboo poles
Marble Marble

Old Bazaar

Recipe BambooChair BambooChair Bamboo chair
Recipe Kite Kite Kite
Jade Sapphire Ruby Precious gemstones
Platinum Platinum
JadeFlower SapphireFlower RubyFlower Flowers
CoinJade CoinSapphire CoinRuby Coins (these items have been returned to the game as tokens used at Wishing Wellspring Island)


Hook CollectOar Pickaxe Shovel ToolWheelBarrow (the wheelbarrow has been returned to the game for the Grand Gazebo and Topiary Fountain event)

Old Upgrade

Upgrade-MorningDew Upgrade-RainbowCrystal Upgrade-IslandBreeze Upgrade-DropOfSunshine Upgrade-RoofSection

Manufactured Items

ChocolateBar FishKabob GrilledScallops RiceTreat ShellfishSoup Tea


Bandage Blanket DiveLiftBarrel DiveWeight LifePreserver Strap Tent TkpkRedBottle PicnicBasket LockBox Journal

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