Creates seasonal pumpkin treats!
During the Grand Pumpkin event you need to collect Pumpkins as one of the ingredients for making the special items needed to feed the Grand Pumpkin.

How to get

You can collect Pumpkins from the usual activities on your island; harvesting, picking, fishing, extracting and collecting produce, as well as from opening chests and tapping wildlife.

Pumpkins are also available from a Pumpkin PatchPlotPumpkin with a grow time of 6 hours.

Pumpkins are available from Level 12.

Used to make

 Recipe   Time   Ingredients 
Grilled Pumpkin
10 min Clock 2x PumpkinPumpkin
Pumpkin Latte
15 min Clock 4x PumpkinPumpkin
2x CoffeeCoffee
1x VanillaVanilla
1x Coconut MilkCoconutMilk
Pumpkin Pie
45 min Clock 8x PumpkinPumpkin
3x WheatWheat
1x VanillaVanilla
Pumpkin Soup
6 hours Clock 6x PumpkinPumpkin
1x Coconut MilkCoconutMilk
1x Chili PepperChili
Pumpkin Arrangement
12 hours Clock 15x PumpkinPumpkin
1x VanillaVanilla
2x RoseRose
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