Pike was mistaken for a sea monster when he was washed up on shore covered in seaweed. He completely denies being a pirate, despite all his knowledge of pirates and piracy. He is completely certain that Wesley is a terrible pirate.
When Pike's Trade Post orders and relationship level-ups are sufficient, his area upgrades with a little house with a pirate flag and his boat as a roof.

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Pike Quotes

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  • Since I'm not a pirate, I couldn't say if there's treasure here.
  • Caffeine is nature's way of sayin' 'I like ye!'
  • Pike's the name, tradin's the game. And coffee.
  • I'm not a pirate, I'm a simple island-dwellin', coffee-makin', ordinary bloke.
  • Ahoy, Trademaster. How's the latest coffee crop?
  • There's an art to good coffee, and ye might think of me as an artist.
  • A day without coffee is like a day spent keelhauled from the poop deck.
  • If it's pirate booty yer lookin' fer, yer lookin' at the wrong bloke.
  • It's time fer coffee, matey. But then it's always time fer coffee.
  • I s'pose there're worse places I could've washed up.
  • Shiver me timbers! Don't sneak up on a body that way.
  • I'm just a quiet old landlubber who happens to look a lot like a pirate.
  • A fine day for sailin'. Too bad me boat's gone to coral...
  • Mindin' me business and catchin' fish. Just an ordinary bloke doin' ordinary things.
  • I'm not a pirate. Do I look like a pirate to ye? Don't answer.
  • Me old mum used to say, 'Son, when life gives ye lemons, trade 'em for coffee.'
  • I'm cuttin' down on coffee. Only drinkin' it on days endin' in 'Y.'
  • Sometimes I think, 'Where would I be without coffee?' Home in bed, I s'pose.
  • If you wanna see a smile on me face, ye'd better be pourin' me some coffee.
  • As me old mum used to say, 'Behind every great man is a considerable amount o' coffee.'
  • The only thing better than a cup of coffee is another one. And a refill.
  • First, coffee. Then some more coffee. Then we can talk.
  • Fifteen men on a dead man's chest... Oh, hello there, Trademaster.
  • Me old mum used to say, 'There's two kinds of people. Coffee people and sleepy people.'
  • It's a fine day to be an ordinary trader, don't ye think?
  • Paradise Bay is as nice a place as I've seen, and I've seen more than most.
  • That wee Finn is a handful, is he not? Reminds me a bit of meself as a young tad.
  • The stories Finn tells! If half were true, he'd be as famous as... er...somebody. Somebody famous.
  • I don't know how Keani manages Finn. I'd be up a tree.
  • Not everythin' a man has done in his youth is worth rehashin' when he's older and wiser.
  • You probably didn't know, but I made some unwise decisions in me younger and wilder days.
  • Young Finn thinks he wants to be a pirate. Ah, to be that innocent again!
  • It's a fine day to be alive and tradin' fer all yer worth, eh?
  • There's naught like a good trade to start yer day. 'Cept fer coffee.
  • Of all the places I might have fetched up, I'm a lucky man to have come to Paradise Bay.
  • Ahoy, Trademaster. Ready to sail the Trade Post seas this fine day?
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