This bird can be Parrotnoid sometimes.

GhostBird portrait

How to get

Only available at the Pet Sanctuary for 15 stickers Sticker GhostBird which are obtained from Ghost Ship Cove or sometimes from an Eternal Ghost ChestDeco GhostShip Chest.


Appears in the Pet Sanctuary (no direct purchase available) with Ghost Ship Cove in version 1.9.2 of the game (October 2016).

Feeding, Rewards, Levels

You can feed this pet 1 Ghost TreatGhostShip Pet Food or Primo Pet TreatsPetFood and you will receive a reward.

Possible rewards

In addition with pet's specific rank reward, see here : Pet reward chart

See here Pets and here Pet Sanctuary for all info on nap time, feeding, rewards and more.

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