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Stay cool all year round by coming to this new island. Unlock the glacial hideaway to exchange Arctic Ice

Penguin Isle Card Cost

Relationship Rewards

Avatar Eskimo

This island yields specifically Arctic Ice Arctic Ice every 8 hours once you have reached level 5 relationship with Siku, 1 or 2 Arctic Ice Arctic Ice at level 7-8 relationship, and 2x Arctic Ice Arctic Ice once you have reached level 9 relationship.

Max Relationship Reward

Deco Penguin Scope
At level 10 relationship with Siku you get the Deco Penguin Scope Penguin-scope. It is a type of decor that does an animation when you tap it.


Whatever level of relationship with Siku, he sells every hour a variable amount of:

1-3 Charcoal Charcoal
1-4 IcedCoffee Iced Coffee
1-4 Espresso Espresso
1-4 VanillaLatte Vanilla Latte


Every hour also, Siku offers to buy a variable amount of:

2-6 Chili Chili Pepper
1-2 GrilledShrimp Grilled Shrimp
1-2 SpicyFishStew Spicy Fish Stew
1-2 SpicyMocha Spicy Mocha

At Level 10:

1x GoldenFleece Golden Fleece


Penguin Isle Icebreak
There is a patch of ice on the right of the island which you can break with a ToolSledgehammer Sledgehammer. Once the penguin has jumped in and climbed out you'll receive a reward (like Dreadbird's cave or Ghost Ship Cove cave).

The ice hole re-freezes after (about) 36 hours.

The rewards for breaking the ice are:

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Penguin Isle
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