The game's past events :


December 2018 :

  • 30th : Paradise Party Boat - available at the Salvage ShopDive building
  • 28th : TradeFest! :
  • 27th : Last day of the Holiday SleighDeco Santa Sleigh event! You can now buy/sell the event items at the World Market, and continue to feed them to your Sleigh!
  • 24th : Happy Holidays!' - A gift from the Paradise Bay Dev Team!
  • 22nd : Winter TreeDeco Winter Tree available for 50xGems each
  • 18th : Sticker Eagle, Sticker Crocodile and Sticker Crowned Crane pet stickers released into gameplay - check the Guide:Pet Stickers for complete info.
  • 15th : Special rewards from the Commodore's BountyCommodores Bounty
    • Beta Test - only active for certain player groups
    • Season 2 : The White Hart collection
    • Login to the game each day to collect the free tier reward
    • Purchase the premium tier rewards (exclusive rewards and all previous rewards) which include 80x White HartWhite Stag stickers!
  • 13th-27th : Holiday SleighDeco Santa Sleigh Gathering Event!
    • Level up your Sleigh with special holiday treats at specific tiers
    • Share a Letter to PikeLetters Sleigh, from your Holiday MailboxDeco Xmas Mailbox harvesters, with your friends
    • Earn Candy Cane Candy Canes Sleigh social currency to spend at the Bazaar
  • 7th : Sweater OtterOtter Holiday promotion - 350xGems each.
    • Check the crate tab of the build menu
  • 2nd : TradeFest! :

November 2018 :

October 2018 :

September 2018 :

Golden Dolphin Promo

Loch Ness Promo

  • 8th 17h UTC : Dino Excavation SiteDino Table event! - "Fix up your Tyrannosaurus-wreck!" - earn boat parts for the "Archaeology Ark" and other prizes!
  • 7th :
    • The maximum storage capacities using storage upgrade pieces have been increased :
      • Treehouse StorageStorage-Treehouse max is now 2,530 (giving a total capacity 4,505 when combined with level up rewards of 1,975 slots)
      • Windmill StorageStorage-Windmill max is now 2,540 (giving a total capacity of 4,515 when combined with level up rewards of 1,975 slots)
      • Additional upgrades are still available as other rewards
    • A new relic at Relic Ruins : Pterry the PterribleDeco Relic Pterodactyl
    • The Mill Efficiency MeterMill Efficiency Meter has been activited (Beta Test)

August 2018 :

Pb promo tradefest goat eventboard en

Pb promo level80 eventboard en

EventBoard aug18Retro en

Pb promo aug salvage shop exclusive eventboard en

Pb promo summer2018 otter eventboard en

  • 6th 17h UTC - 18th 04h UTC : Party PiñataDeco Pinata Gathering Event!
  • 2nd : New BYOS “Gulliboat” - available soon at the Salvage ShopDive building

July 2018 :

  • 27th :
  • 26th : Island Follow Limit (in-game friends) increased from 8 to 32!
  • 25th :
  • 18th : New Game version 3.5.0, bugs fixes and loading screen modded (faster loading...)
  • 16th :
    • 3x Balloon SundriesBalloon Sundries offered to all players
    • stickers for Sticker Giant Clam available into Bronze and Epic chests

Pb promo last chance bronze epic shelly eventboard en

June 2018 :

May 2018 :

  • 28th 17h UTC: Phantom Manta RayGhost Manta Ray stickers available at Ghost Ship CoveIsland Ghostship Slot 3
  • 25th 17h UTC : Retro TradeFest..! 10 tiers and 40 bonus tiers (8 days 11 hours).
  • 23rd : Turtle Sale! 24 hours only! Painted TurtleTurtle painted and Arctic TurtleTurtle winter for 250x Gems each
  • 19th : Eternal Banana TreeBananaTree now available in the build menu (crate tab)
  • 18th : Updates to Trading Slots at Ghost Ship CoveIsland Ghostship
    • Slot 1 : Ghostly Treasure Chest or Spooky Decor
    • Slot 2 : Book of Secrets I, II, III or 3x stickers Sticker Panther, Sticker bat or Sticker Monkey Ghost. (Note Sticker ghost shark stickers not currently active)
    • Slot 3 : Special monthly offers (e.g. Phantom Manta Ray stickers)
  • 15th 17h UTC : All Hands on Deck! Build the Pirate's Drafting TablePirateMapTable to unlock the Redwood Reaver boat at the Shipyard
  • 12th:
    • 17h UTC (18h BST) : Paradise Bay Band event! Collect Music Note from boat trades. Use the music to build your band! Earn a new band member each month! This month - the PB Band GuitarPBBand Monkey
    • Event Chest sticker rotations will now change every Wednesday and Saturday at 04h UTC (05h BST)
  • 11th :
    • Build Menu update - categories have been re-sorted and now include Foliage DecorationFancyPalm and Seasonal BuildMenuCategorySeasonal decoration tabs
    • Beehive flowers and arrangements can now be sold up to 99x at a time
  • 4th :
  • 1st : TradeFest! - Win the new OrangutanOrangutan pet along with ChalkboardDeco Chalkboard and Citrus CradleDeco Momentum Machine decorations.

April 2018 :

  • 20th - 30th : Honey Bee Bonanza! - Build your Honey Bee HiveDeco beehive to attract the island's bees, and the Jumbo Bee!
  • 20th : New Tiptop Triceratops relic at Relic RuinsRelic Island - get digging!
Pb promo relic ruins generic eventboard en

March 2018 :

  • 28th :
  • 28th 05h GMT : First Paradise RushParadise Rush event begins immediately after TradeFest finishes. 75% FASTER Crops, Harvesters and Mill Recipes for 60 hours! (Beta Test for some players only)
  • 23rd : A new pet has arrived at the Adventuring Ship : the Rainbow LizardRainbow Lizard replaces the Shih Tzu
    • Pb promo rainbow lizard eventboard en
  • 17th 18h GMT : All new TradeFest! - Horatio is back with a New and Improved TradeFest! :
  • 17th 0h GMT : Seal Dive Bonus - up to 2x Royal Clamshells DiveCurrency during Seal Dives! Limited Time - ends Sunday!
  • 14th : Seal Diving rewards updated - more DiveCurrency!
  • 10th 0h GMT : Seal Dive Bonus - up to 2x rewards during Seal Dives! Limited Time - ends Sunday!
  • 6th : Springtime SakuraCherryblossom available again in the build menu for 99x Gems
  • 3rd 0h GMT : Bonus Royal Clamshell Event - up to 3x Royal Clamshells DiveCurrency during Seal Dives! Limited Time - ends Sunday!

Clamshell promo en

  • 1st 18h GMT : Retro TradeFest! 9 tiers and 41 bonus tiers (8 days 11 hours). Prizes include decorations from previous TradeFests and stickers for Orange Hedgehog, Baby Chicks and Manta Ray.

February 2018 :

January 2018 :


December :

Grand Holiday Sloop BYOS holiday Candy Cane BYOS fhead candycane Grand Holiday Presents BYOS frills holiday presents
Grand Holiday Bow BYOS frills red bow Grand Holiday Sail BYOS sail q North Pole BYOS toppers northPole
  • 7th : Version 3.3.0 of the game! The Grand Holidays have arrived and the island is blanketed in snow!
  • 6th : Special paid promotion for 5x Watering CanWatering Can
  • 1st : TradeFest! Prizes include the Arctic FoxArctic Fox pet and Winter Snowboard ShackDeco Snowboard Shack and Foxy KiteDeco Foxy Kite decorations. Duration is 7 days 11 hours.
    • Note : The prizes are now dependent on your player/XP Level and for players at Level 69-75 the Reputation points per tier are doubled!
  • 1st : The Grand Holiday TreeDeco Grand Holiday Tree build event! 12 Tiers of Holiday Cheer!
  • Special daily events are continuing through December (see below)

November :

October :

September :

August :

  • 25th (17h GMT) - 31st : Special Dive Event to win the Party GnomeDeco Gnome Anniversary
  • 24th : Build Your Own Ship Beta Test
    Preview BYOS
  • 24th : New water space opened to the east of volcano island
  • 22nd : TradeFest is now available from Level 9 (used to be Level 16)
  • Aug 18th (0h GMT) - Sep 1st (2h GMT) : For the game's 2nd anniversary, a special Year 2 CakeCake event.
  • 17th : The Magical Tower Deco Wizard Tower which "grants piles of rare resources once a week!" when tapped. Grand prize of the Community Event
  • 14th : Special promotion for 15x Red PandaRed Panda stickers
  • 10th - 17th : Community Event with Horatio Jasper! Can you help the community reach the goal? Progress updates will be revealed every 24 hours (23h GMT)
  • 9th 4h GMT to 10th 4h GMT : Special It's Raining Doubloons! event
  • 2nd - 9th : Special Mill Mastery event - accumulated time of collected items is doubled, and gem-rush cost is halved.
  • 1st : TradeFest from 18h (GMT+1) for the Blue DolphinDolphin and the Beach BallDeco Beach Ball and Dolphin Sand SculptureDeco Sand Sculpture decorations.
  • 1st - 31st : A new decorative tree is available, the Blooming CactusDeco Summer Tree 2017, for 99x Gems

July :

June :

  • Jun 28th : a new decoration is available from Bazaar, in Prestige Tab, for 3x Etoile Prestige : Wave Cut OutDeco BeachWave
  • Jun 26th-30th : Relic Ruins Frenzy Event
  • Jun 22nd 17h (GMT) : a new event "Book of Secrets 2" Lost Journal, available at the 3rd TradePost panel at Ghost Ship Cove for 20x Ghost Doublon. The final reward is Greybeard's Eye Deco Spooky Compass
  • Jun 22nd 0h : a new decoration : Henry's Fortune and GloryHenrysFortuneOn
  • June 15th-30th, another special event The Grand Sandcastle Deco Summer SandCastle final
    SandCastle-start en
    • Complete Tradepost orders to earn Sand Dollars Sand Dollar which you can feed to your summer sandcastle
    • The social currency is Tokens of Friendship (Puka shells) Puka which you can use to buy special event items at the Bazaar
    • Help your fellow Trademasters by dropping Buckets of Sand Sand bucket onto their sandcastles
  • From June 15th : A special promotion for Sandy mole Summer Mole
  • June 9th : Special It's Raining Doubloons! event for 3 days.
  • June 9th : A new relic : Archer Deco Archer
  • From June 7th, for 15 days, the Book of SecretsLost Journal will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 30x Ghost Doublon, but only if you did not buy it the first time round. Otherwise you will be offered Ghostly Treasure for 1x Ghost Doublon.
  • June 1st to 8th : Tradefest, Grand Prize Manta RayMantaRay
  • May 30th - June 11th : A promotional Summer Aloha OtterSummer Otter for 700 Gems

May :

  • May 26th to 30th : A special dive event for the Banana StandDeco Banana Stand
  • From May 26th to 28th: Map Event - more map boats, more map rewards, double points at Carl's Cabin, sometimes more stickers from the Adventuring Ship
  • From May 23rd, for 15 days, 10 Panther stickers will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 15x Ghost Doublon
  • May 18th to 21st: Pet Sticker Event: Earn more pet stickers form boat orders! For a limited time dock orders will award more and rarer pet stickers!
  • May 18th: Maximum storage for treehouse and windmill increased from 720 to 1,020..!
  • May 18th: Another island is come out : Wishing Wellspring Island : Island wishingwell
    • Unlock this island to make a wish at the Croaking Spring.
    • Use dyes to create Wish Tokens and give them to the frog in exchange for wishes.
    • WishingExploration Wish of Exploration, WishingProgession Wish of Wisdom, WishingMystery Wish of Fate, WishingPets Wish of Friendship, WishingRiches Wish of Fortune
  • May 18th: Pet Information Cards showing details of a pet's rank, possible rewards for feeding, and where to find stickers. Accessible from each Pet and the Pet Sanctuary.
  • May 12th to May 14th: Special Mill Mastery event - accumulated time of collected items is doubled, and gem-rush cost is halved.
  • From May 8th, for 15 days, 10 Panther stickers will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 15x Ghost Doublon
  • The May TradeFest starts May 4th at 18h BST (GMT+1). Win 3 diner decorations including the JukeboxDeco Jukebox.
  • Kibble Cafe mills - get delicious pet treats for you and your friends, share with your fellow Trademasters. This feature is currently under beta test by a group of players chosen randomly by King.
  • The Kiwi pet is now available in the Pet Sanctuary. Collect stickers from sticker chests (Sticker Shop or storage upgrade islets).
  • Special It's Raining Doubloons! event for 3 days from May 2nd.

April :

  • A special dive event to win the Spring Gnome decoration. Deco Gnome Spring
  • A great Easter event: the Grand Egg Hunt from April 13th to April 30th. Help Finn build a Grand Egg Basket (using baskets, coconut milk, blueberries, dark chocolate, lanterns and Bountiful Baskets) and win exclusive decorations - fence, gates, path, planters, torch, rabbit statues - along the way (similar to Friend-Ship or Gingerbread House). The social currency will be Jelly BeansJelly Beans. Jelly Bean Trees will be available for 30Gems each and will remain as decor items after 6 harvests. Collect Exquisite Eggs SpringEvent Egg which can be used to purchase the special items at the Bazaar.
  • From April 8th, for 1 month, the Book of SecretsLost Journal will be available in Trade Panel 3 at Ghost Ship Cove for 30x Ghost Doublon, but only if you did not buy it the first time round. Otherwise you will be offered Ghostly Treasure for 1x Ghost Doublon.
  • April 2nd: The April TradeFest with grand prize Baby Chicks and 6 musical eggs.

March :

  • From March 31st (19h BST / GMT+1) to April 2nd A new event "Relic Ruins Frenzy".
    • Event is mainly to help players find more relic pieces to complete relics
    • A silver chest will be available at the Bazaar for 2500 Social, during the event, which contains a sticker and 1 to 3 tool(s). Sticker could be any of the animals except PantherPanther, Red PandaRed Panda, Tortoise OasisTortoise, Rooster of the YearRooster and ShellyGiant Clam !
  • On March 17th the new version 2.4 of the game was released with :

Sweet Jams Sweet Jams and a new Chili Mango Marmalade Recipe Recipe Chili Mango Marmalade at the Bazaar

February :

  • from February 25th to March 31st : an exclusive decoration, the Winter TreeDeco Winter Tree
  • Feb 24th to March 1st : Special "Friend-Ship Dive Event" with a new "Lovebird Fountain" decoration as a final dive prize : Deco LoveBird Fountain
  • Feb 17th to March 1st : Friend-Ship Event ( see official forum post)
    Deco FriendShip Boat
  • With the Friend-Ship a Limited Time Friendly Flowers PotFriendShip Resource decoration for 30 Gems each
  • Feb 7th to March 8th : A mimi-game about the Book of Secrets, available at Ghost Ship Cove for 30 Ghost Doublon. Search for the Sacred Chalice, dig for gold, and trade for Crystal Monkey skulls!

  • New artifact on Relic Ruins :

Find the pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex, see here : Relic Ruins

Deco Relic Dinosaur2

January :

4 new islets : See Steppin' Stairs Islet, Great Crate Islet, Perfect Pulley Islet and Windy Windmill Islet

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