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Keani Full Anniversary

Attention: PB are currently testing an intentional "Short Build Time" bonus feature which greatly reduces the make/grow times for almost all items. It was intended for brand new players to assist during the holiday events but has affected many different players of various game Levels. Enjoy it while you can...!

Keani Full Anniversary

Attention: PB's testing of "Gold for Crops" is currently resulting in some players experiencing multiple switches between planting using crops and planting using gold. They are working on a resolution.

Soon (or not... ;) ) :


December 2018 :

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October 2018 :

Special daily events - Start/Finish at 8h UTC

Day Bonus Picture
Monday Double Doubloons Eventboard Double Ghost Doubloon Monday en
Tuesday More chance of stickers at Docks EventBoard stickersMicro Tuesday en
Wenesday Every 30 min clean Relic Ruins Island for more rewards Eventboard Relic Ruins Frenzy en
Thursday More maps with Carl and more stickers with Commodore adventures Eventboard maps in boat orders en
Friday 50% more progression for Mastery Eventboard Friday bonusMillMasteryMicro3 en
Saturday 50% more Gold Eventboard Double Gold Saturday en
Sunday 50% more Goodwill (or Prestige goodwill) EventBoard Sunday doublexp generic en

Characters on your Island
Horatio Avatar-Clara Avatar-Wesley Avatar-Finn Avatar-Keani Avatar-Sita Avatar-Pike Portrait petkeeper
Characters from Neighbouring Islands and Docks
Avatar-George Avatar-Dreadbird Master Chef Otomo Portrait Commodore Avatar GhostCaptain Avatar-Mai Avatar-Cartographer Avatar-Yasmin Avatar Eskimo Avatar Hansel
Avatar-GemTrader Avatar-Rico Avatar Aidan StairsIsland Avatar Nadia CratesIsland WishingFrog Avatar Mattie PulleyIsland Avatar Hattie WindmillIsland Avatar-Merchant1 Avatar-Merchant5

Islands of Paradise Bay
Island Pulley Storage Island Stair Storage Map-AnglerIsland Map-DreadbirdsFort
Island Windmill Storage Island Watermill Storage Map-MainIsland Island shoyu Hickory falls
Island AdventureShip Cartographer Island
Map-IsleOfTheGivingTree Map-ChameleonCove Map-StyleIsle Island wishingwell
GhostShip Relic Island
Penguin Isle

DecorationJungleTree DecorationPlanterBoat DecorationWoodenBench DecorationSandCastle DecorationVolcanoSpikeyTree DecorationTurtleBeacon DecorationWoodLamp DecorationTikiStatue DecorationVolcanoAnchor
DecorationPufferFish DecorationVolcanoGeyser DecorationBarrelShark Mannequin DecorationJunglePond DecorationJungleWoodpecker DecorationRuinsFishStatue DecorationRuinsPillar DecorationRuinsTikiHead
DecorationWildflowerMonkeyTree DecorationWildflowerOrchid DecorationFlowerPot1 DecorationFlowerPot2 DecorationBloomingFlower DecorationFishFountain DecorationFancyPalm DecorationCrateAndBarrels DecorationPirateSignpost
DecorationFancyFatPalm DecorationFlowerBed1 DecorationBarrelPlanter DecorationLoungeChair DecorationDolphinTopiary DecorationFlowerBed2 DecorationFishingTackle DecorationTikiLamp DecorationFancyHedge1

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Active Saga games:

Active games:

Retired games:
  • Bubble Saga
  • Hoop De Loop Saga

  • King Gold Games
  • Mahjong Saga

  • Miner Speed
  • Puzzle Saga

Past Events

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Game updates

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The most recent islands

Hickory Falls Hickory falls with new character Hansel


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