Build the Nocturnal Nautilus Boat! Batship Promo en


Available during the Nocturnal Drafting Table special event from Oct 24rd - Nov 4th 2018.

Nocturnal Nautilus Boat : boat parts
Name Image Description Cost
Nocturnal Nautilus Hull BYOS hull batship Maintains great visibility at night. Level 15
Nocturnal Nautilus Sail BYOS sail batship Give it a minute to get ready. Level 2
Nocturnal Nautilus Figurehead BYOS fhead batshipLamp Don't worry, it's securely fastened. Level 11
Nocturnal Nautilus Lamp Topper BYOS toppers batship lamp Light the way! Level 5
Nocturnal Nautilus Jack O'Lantern BYOS frills jackOlantern Tells the evil boats to stay away. Level 8

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