Map Table View

Explore the world around you! Collect Map Pieces and use the Map Table to discover new and exotic locations with exclusive goods not found anywhere else.

Unlocking the Map Table

Use the Map Table and collect Map Pieces to discover new and exotic locations, with exclusive goods not found anywhere else!


The Map Table can be found in the area right above the Treehouse Storage. You’ll need to reach Level 17 before you can clear the land and repair the Map Table for use!

Map Pieces

Map Pieces: ScrapOfPaper Scrap of Paper, InkedRemnants Inked Remnants, MapKey Map Key and Map Piece very rare Secret Passage.

Map pieces are a special trade reward given by Avatar-Cartographer Carl the Cartographer. They can also be collected as a possible reward for a Wish of Exploration or Fate at Wishing Wellspring Island, from Pet Feedings, chests or sales in the World Market.

Scrap of Paper is offered in trade for Windmill or Treehouse Expansion Materials at Great Crate Islet, Steppin' Stairs Islet, Perfect Pulley Islet, or Windy Windmill Islet once you reach the sufficient relationship level.

Inked Remnants, Map Key and Secret Passage are offered in trade at Carl's Cabin. Secret Passage is ONLY available with this method.

Collecting Map Pieces will allow you to unlock new locations on your Map Table!

Using the Map Table

Use the Map Table Map Deco or Map button Button map to view your Map.

World Map View

Tap the islands on your map to unlock and visit!

Trade with islanders to unlock their rare goods!
Every new character has plenty of goods to buy and sell, so be sure to visit and trade with islanders as often as you can!
Once your relationship with an islander reaches level 5, you’ll unlock their rare item. You’ll always be able to trade for this unique item, so come back whenever you’re in need!

Trader islands

Neighbouring Islands :

  Island  Access Level   ScrapOfPaper   InkedRemnants   MapKey   Map Piece very rare   Relation max rewards   Unique Items 
 Angler Island
3 Goodwill 1 Golden White PelicanPet-Pelican SunfishSunfish
 Isle of the Giving Tree
10 Goodwill 6 2 1 Gems Gems
 Chameleon Cove
12 Goodwill 6 2 Rainbow Chameleon Pet-Chameleon Rainbow Fruit RainbowFruit
 Dreadbird's Fort
18 Goodwill 3 2 1 Barrel SharkDecorationBarrelShark Root BeerRoot beer
Black PowderBlackPowder
 Carl's Cabin
Cartographer Island
18 Goodwill 1 1 1 Astrolabe Deco Astro Globe Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper
Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants
Map KeyMapKey
Secret PassageMap Piece very rare
 Steppin' Stairs Islet
Island Stair Storage
22 Goodwill 1 Not-a-Pocket WatchClamWatch Treehouse StiltUpgrade-Stilt

Treehouse StairsUpgrade-Steps
Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper
Black PowderBlackPowder
Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket

 Great Crate Islet
Island Watermill Storage
22 Goodwill 1 Merry-Go-RoundMerryGoRound Waterwheel PaddleUpgrade-WaterPaddle

Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper
Black PowderBlackPowder
Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket

 Perfect Pulley Islet
Island Pulley Storage
22 Goodwill 1 1 1 Floating CranePulleyFloaty GearUpgrade-Gear

Support BeamUpgrade-SupportBeam
Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper
Black PowderBlackPowder
Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket

 Windy Windmill Islet
Island Windmill Storage
22 Goodwill 1 1 1 Wind TurbineMiniWindmill Windmill BladeUpgrade-WindmillBlade

Scrap of PaperScrapOfPaper
Black PowderBlackPowder
Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket

 Adventuring Ship
Island AdventureShip
23 Goodwill - - - - Stickers Sticker Rainbow Snail
 Style Isle
24 Goodwill 1 3 1 MannequinMannequin Golden FleeceGoldenFleece
Green DyeDyeGreen
Blue DyeDyeBlue
Red DyeDyeRed
 Relic Ruins
Relic Island
25 Goodwill 1 Relic Key Relic Key

Pterry the PterribleDeco Relic Pterodactyl
Relic Crane MasterDeco Relic Karate Statue
Tiptop TriceratopsDeco Relic Dinosaur3
Well of the CobraDeco Relic Cobra
Relic ArcherDeco Archer
Dinosaurus NextDeco Relic Dinosaur2
Vault of the JackalDeco RelicPyramid
Dinosaurus RexDeco Dino Complete
Relic GuardianDeco Armor Complete

 Ghost Ship Cove
Island Ghostship
26 Goodwill 3 2 1 Ghost CannonDeco GhostShip Cannon Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon

Eternal Ghost ChestDeco GhostShip Chest
Book of SecretsLost Journal
Pet Stickers
Halloween Decor
BYOS boat parts

 Shoyu Island
Island shoyu
28 Goodwill 2 2 2 Yuujou BridgeGong Bridge Twilight RollTwilightRoll
 Penguin Island
Penguin Isle
30 Goodwill 3 3 2 Penguin-scopeDeco Penguin Scope Arctic IceArctic Ice
 Wishing Wellspring Island
Island wishingwell
31 Goodwill 1 2 3 Jade TokenCoinJade
Sapphire TokenCoinSapphire
Ruby TokenCoinRuby
 Hickory Falls
Hickory falls
34 Goodwill 3 3 2 Hickory Falls TableDeco Cheese table Hickory Falls BasketHickory falls basket

Exploring New Trade Islands

Trade Islands have their own Trade Posts orders for you to browse, so be sure to visit as often as you can!

IslandTradePost1 IslandTradePost2

At these islands, you can build relationships with characters to earn rare resources and exclusive decorations for your island. Except Relic Ruins that only a place for a mini-game who rewards you with exclusive decorations.

Unique Resources

Some Trade Islands have a unique resource which is only obtained from that island! Once your relationship with a character reaches Level 5, you’ll unlock a third slot on that character’s Trade Post where you can purchase these unique resources.

Rainbow FruitRainbowFruit
Root BeerRoot beer
Golden FleeceGoldenFleece
Twilight RollTwilightRoll
Arctic IceArctic Ice
Hickory Falls BasketHickory falls basket
Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket
One exception is Carl's Cabin: whatever your relationship level with Carl you can obtain Secret PassageMap Piece very rare for 4x Map KeyMapKey

Unique Decorations

Most islands introduce an exclusive pet or decoration you can only find there! Once your relationship with an islander reaches its maximum level (10, except for Carl whose maximum is 5), the object is unlocked, then touch the object to place it in your stock of decorations in the build menu. If you’d rather not wait, it’s sometimes possible to purchase the pet or item using Gems.

Pets : Golden White PelicanPet-Pelican , Rainbow ChameleonPet-Chameleon

Ghost Ship Cove Pets : Phantom ParrotGhostBird , PantherPanther , Greybeard's First MateMonkey Ghost , Phantom SharkGhost shark , Phantom Manta RayGhost Manta Ray , Phantom HedgehogGhost Hedgehog , Phantom PlatypusGhost Platypus, Phantom KiwiGhost Kiwi

Adventuring Ship Pets : see Adventuring Ship

Decorations :Barrel SharkDecorationBarrelShark , MannequinMannequin , Yuujou BridgeGong Bridge , AstrolabeDeco Astro Globe , Penguin-scopeDeco Penguin Scope , Ghost CannonDeco GhostShip Cannon , Merry-Go-RoundMerryGoRound , Not-a-Pocket WatchClamWatch , Floating CranePulleyFloaty , Wind TurbineMiniWindmill Hickory Falls TableDeco Cheese table

Relics : see Relic Ruins


  • Nigel is the name of the seagull at the Map Table!
Islands of Paradise Bay
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