Mai is a Merchant Trader who resides on Chameleon CoveMap-ChameleonCove, which is home to the Rainbow FruitRainbowFruit. Mai also sells SeaglassSeaglassBasket, ClothCloth, LemonLemon, and BarrelBarrel.


Mai is an easy-going trader who has a fondness for chameleons. After reaching relationship Level 10, she will give you the Rainbow ChameleonPet-Chameleon(a pet) and 2x RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit

For relationship levels see Characters Levels Chart.


Mai captains a very small boat, filled with exotic fruit for trade.


Mai appears to be of Asian descent. Her black hair is kept half-up in a small pony tail. She appears to be wearing a yellow top (only her head is shown).

Relationship Levels Reputation
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points to Next Level 30 50 80 120 400 600 1000 1400 2000 5000

Mai Quotes

As Merchant Trader at Docks:

  • It's a fine day for trading, don't you think?
  • Hello, there! Your little seaport is looking lovely!
  • Everyone's talking about Paradise Bay!
  • I'm in the market for a few specialty items. I'm hoping you can help me...
  • Paradise Bay, at last! I can't wait to do some trading!

On her Island :

  • Isn't Chameleon Cove the loveliest place? Of course I love your island, too.
  • A few of my favorite things? Rainbows, kittens... Rainbow kittens! And chameleons, of course.
  • What's pink, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, purple and turquoise? A chameleon!
  • Chameleons make excellent pets. I have dozens of them. In all colors!
  • Why do chameleons live on Chameleon Cove? Maybe because we named it after them.
  • Paradise Bay is amazing. Also wonderful and marvelous. Oh, and delightful.
  • I guess there are things I could be worrying about. I just really like being happy a lot better.
  • Chameleons live in trees, and they love to swim. Me, too! The swimming, not the part about the tree.
  • Isn't Finn sweet? Okay, not sweet exactly, but he has many fine qualities. I'm sure he does.
  • You're such an excellent Trademaster. I really don't know how this place got along without you.
  • Roses are red, chameleons are,,, red...Oh, I give up.
  • My little island is perfect. And remarkable. Did I already say perfect?
  • Pike is the dearest man, don't you think? Some people think he's gruff. Silly, huh?
  • All my friends who aren't chameleons live on other islands, but why be sad about that? I can visit!
  • Rainbow fruit is one of my favorite things. Colorful, delicious, and loaded with vitamins!
  • I'm writing a book on all the uses for Rainbow Fruit. Maybe George can help me.
  • Without Keani, we'd never make a success of Paradise Bay. And you, of course!
  • I'm happy about a lot of things. Like the fact that chameleons don't eat Rainbow Fruit.
  • Am I this happy all the time? Well, sometimes I'm asleep.
  • Friends, chameleons, all the Rainbow Fruit I can eat—of course I'm happy!
  • Thanks for helping me with my trades, Trademaster. You are one of my favorite things.
  • Chameleon Cove isn't very big, but there are plenty of things here to trade. Look around.
  • Things that make me happy? Sleeping under the stars and a trade that's good for everyone.
  • What makes me happy? The ocean, seashells, and nice folks like you, Trademaster.
  • What a simply stunning day! Just like most every other day!
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