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Two of a kind.
Lovebirdsfb.jpgLovebirds portrait.png

Keani Full Anniversary.png

You can Full Inventory Stack with this pet!

How to get

This Limited Edition Pet is February 10th to 17th, 2016 LoveFest's Tier 7 Reward.


This is the centerpiece decor, along with its complementing left: Beautiful BirdbathDeco BirdBath.png and right: Passionate PlanterDeco WindChimes.png decorations.

Pet Rewards

You can feed this pet with 1x PineapplePineapple.png or a Primo Pet TreatsPetFood.png.

Possible rewards

In addition with pet's specific rank reward, see here : Pet reward chart

See here Pets and here Pet Sanctuary for all info on nap time, feeding, rewards and more.