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Music making machine.

How to get

Grand Prize of the May 2017 TradeFest.

Also available from Nov 17th 2017 at the Bazaar for 30x Etoile Prestige.png.


Prize for the May 2017 TradeFest along with Diner's TableDeco Seagull Diner.png and Gumball MachineDeco Gumball.png decorations.

Making Records

It allows you to make various vinyl records (45s). Each takes 5 minutes to make/play, for 1 Gold.png) :

Record Track Name By Availability
Record Caribbean.png "Fish On The Line" Barry Melonfonte Comes with Jukebox
Record Hula.png "Lei-z Days" Sandy Shores Comes with Jukebox
Record Reggae.png "No Seagull, No Fly" Robert Marlin Comes with Jukebox
Record Rock.png "Tropical Rhapsody" Queen Crab Boat trade with Anya
"Shipyard Things" Survivor Boat trade with Anya
Currently not available at Jukebox
Record 8Bit.png "Pieces of Eight" Congee Conch Boat trade with Anya
Record SpookyTheme.png "The Upside's Down" 10 plus 1 Ghost Ship CoveIsland Ghostship.png
from 28th Feb 2018
Record Xmas.png "Frosty the Sandman" Pearl Dives Grand Holiday CarouselCarousel.png