Honey Bee Bonanza! - Spring 2018
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Clara and Finn start work on an important project - they want to build a new beehive to attract the island's bees, maybe even the Jumbo Bee! You will need to use specific items to level up the Beehive (similar principle to the previous gathering events).

How to get

The Honey Bee Hive is available from Apr 20th 17h GMT and the event runs until Apr 30th 21h GMT.
You can place the base of the Hive on your island by dragging it in from the game's build menu (free).

Levelling Up and Rewards

To upgrade your Hive you must "feed" it with special flower arrangements crafted at the BlacksmithBlacksmith mill :
Peony ParcelResource beehive flower bundle, Aqua AmphoraeResource beehive vase and Luxurious LeiResource beehive lei

The make times and heart rewards for these items are shown below :

Item Time to make Reputation Reward gain/h
Resource beehive flower bundle Peony Parcel 30 min 50 100
Resource beehive vase Aqua Amphorae 60 min 500 500
Resource beehive lei Luxurious Lei 2 hrs 1000 500

Note: Standard make times without Mill Mastery upgrades.
Note: Heart values for flower arrangements may be reduced while the "Short Build Time" booster is active.

You will receive 2x Paradise PotResource beehive harvester which will yield the flowers needed to make the special arrangements. You can buy more for 100 Gems each. Paradise Pots can be harvested every 30 minutes for the duration of the event. You'll also need plenty of BottleBottle and ThreadThread..!

Paradise Pots will sometimes yield Karma CamelliaResource beehive flower orange flowers. Share your Karma CamelliaResource beehive flower orange with other TradeMasters to receive a Vivacious VioletResource beehive flower purple. These are needed to make the Luxurious LeiResource beehive lei.

Each time you supply flower arrangements to your Hive you will receive Gold and Goodwill rewards.
Each time you level up your Hive you will receive various rewards and decorations (see below).

Relationship Levels

Level Reputation for next level Rewards for *completing* level
start n/a 2x Paradise PotResource beehive harvester
1x BottleBottle
Aqua AmaryllisResource beehive flower blue
1 500 5x Honey Bee FenceDeco Beehive Fence
1x AxeToolAxe
2 1,000 2x Honey Bee GateDeco Beehive Gate
1x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon
3 1,500 5x Honey Bee PathDeco Beehive Path
1x Primo Pet TreatsPetFood
4 2,000 5x Honey Bee FenceDeco Beehive Fence
1x Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants
5 2,500 2x Honey Bee GateDeco Beehive Gate
1x Red DyeDyeRed, 1xGreen DyeDyeGreen, 1x Blue DyeDyeBlue
6 3,000 5x Honey Bee PathDeco Beehive Path
1x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket
7 3,600 2x Honey Bee CandlesDeco Beehive CandleHolder
8 4,300 5x Honey Bee FenceDeco Beehive Fence
3x AxeToolAxe
9 5,100 2x Honey Bee GateDeco Beehive Gate
3x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon
10 5,900 5x Honey Bee PathDeco Beehive Path
3x Primo Pet TreatsPetFood
11 6,700 5x Honey Bee FenceDeco Beehive Fence
3x Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants
12 7,500 5x Honey Bee PathDeco Beehive Path
3x Red DyeDyeRed, 3x Green DyeDyeGreen, 3x Blue DyeDyeBlue
13 8,000 2x Honey Bee CandlesDeco Beehive CandleHolder
14 8,500 1x Honey Bee SmokerDeco Beehive Smoker
3x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket
15 max level n/a

Bring Home the Honey!

Keep adding those flowers to stack up your Hive! The hive gets a wooden roof at Level 2, a grass roof at Level 4, a second tier at Level 6, a third tier and grass base at Level 8, roof flower decorations at Level 10, a fourth tier at Level 12, roof and base flower decorations at Level 14, and the Jumbo Bee at Level 15 :

Hive 01 Hive 02 03 Hive 04 05
Level 1 Levels 2+3 Levels 4+5
Hive 06 07 Hive 08 09 Hive 10 11
Levels 6+7 Levels 8+9 Levels 10+11
Hive 12 13 Hive 14 Hive 15
Levels 12+13 Level 14 Level 15

Character Dialogue

!!! Attention Spoiler !!! click "Expand" to view all dialogue =>

Clara: "Finn! I'm beginning a very important project. I need your help!”
Finn: "You bet, Clara! Um...what is it?"
Clara: "Well, we need more honey bees around here."
Clara: "Get ready for a Honey Bee Bonanza in Paradise Bay!"

Clara: "First, help me place this Honey Bee Hive, will you please?"
Clara: "That spot is perfect! Bees are so important, Finn!"
Clara: "If we are going to attract them, we need some flowers!"

Clara: "Find a nice place for these Paradise Pots, Trademaster!"
Clara: "Perfect! These special Paradise Pots will grow more than one type of flower!"
Finn: "How do we know which one it will be?"
Clara: "That's part of the surprise, Finn. We just see what grows!"
Clara: "We need to make our Hive an attractive place for bees to move into."
Clara: "While we're waiting for our first flowers to grow, here are some flowers to get us started!"

Clara: "Let's go the Blacksmith! We can prepare sturdy arrangements with our flowers there!"
Clara: "Check the Blacksmith to see what we need to craft!"
Finn: "Let's hurry this up, Trademaster! I want to see what it makes!"

Clara: "Oh, look at that! Beautiful! Now, if we place this on the Honey Bee Hive it'll help attract bees!"
Finn: "Wow! The Hive got bigger!"
Clara: "Yes it did! Now, all we have to do is keep stacking flower arrangements around the Hive."
Clara: "That's how we'll attract bees. Maybe even the biggest bee of all!"

Clara: "You got a Karma Camellia! Give it to a friend's Hive and you'll get a Vivacious Violet in return!"
Clara: "You can use your Vivacious Violet to make a Luxurious Lei at the Blacksmith!"

Finn: "What did you mean by the “biggest bee of all", Clara?"
Clara: "There's a Jumbo Bee, on the island, Finn! If we can attract him to our Hive, we'll get bonus honey!"
Finn: "I like the sound of that!"

Finn: "The Hive gets more impressive every time I turn around!"
Clara: "I know! I really hope the Jumbo Bee is impressed!"

Finn: "Bees make life better all over Paradise Bay!"
Clara: "That's true, Finn! Bees are like little friends that help up grow beautiful crops and flowers!"
Finn: "I used to be scared of them, but they're pretty good to have around I guess."
Clara: "That's exactly right, Finn!"

Wesley: "Well what do we have here? Building a Bee Hive?"
Finn: "That's right, Wesley! We're going to build the bees a nice house!"
Wesley: "Very good idea, young man! I'll lend you a hand."
Finn: "Just keep making these arrangements at the Blacksmith, Wesley!"

Finn: "We're getting very close to finishing our Honey Bee Hive, Clara!"
Clara: "That's true! And if we can finish it in time, the Jumbo Bee will move in!"
Clara: "And if that happens, he'll give us honey!"
Finn: "Really?!"
Clara: "He really will!"

Clara: "We did it!"
Wesley: "And the Jumbo Bee has decided to move into our Honey Bee Hive!"
Clara: "Thank you so much for your help, Finn! And you too, Trademaster!"
Finn: "Do you think these bees know how hard it was to make this?"
Clara: "Believe me, Finn. These bees are no strangers to hard work!"
Clara: "They'll be working hard to help us have a beautiful, successful island!"
Finn: "Well, do they ever take naps?"
Clara: "Of course!"
Finn: "Me too! And I'm taking one right now! Phew!"

Special Promotions

There are at least two special promotions for this event (price varies):

Hive kickstartT

After the event

Your Hive Table will remain in place after the event ends (like previous gathering events).

You can "feed" your hive with 1x VanillaVanilla to obtain rewards (which will depend on the friendship level reached at the end of the event).

If you reach Level 15 then you will receive 3x HoneyHoneyBucket every time you feed your Hive, in addition to the standard rewards.

The waiting time before being able to feed again is also dependent on the friendship level reached at the end of the event :

Level Waiting Time
1 3 days
2 2 1/2 days
3 2 days
4 1 1/2 days
5 1 day
6 12 hours
7-15 10 hours

See also

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