Holiday Sleigh Gathering Event! - Dec 2018
Spread cheer all over the islands!
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Pike wants to build the Holiday Sleigh and asks Finn and the islanders to help build it to spread the Holiday Cheer. You will need to use specific items at specific tiers to level up the Sleigh (similar principle to the Grand Balloon event).

How to get

The Holiday Sleigh is available from December 13th 17h UTC and the event runs until December 27th 04h UTC.
You can place the base of the Sleigh in the waters around your island by dragging it in from the game's build menu (free).

Levelling Up and Rewards

Upgrade your Sleigh by "feeding" it with specific items, at specific tiers, from your mills or harvesters, or collected from TradePost orders :
BoardBoard (Woodshop), NailsNails (Blacksmith), VelvetVelvet Sleigh (Weaver and Bazaar), Holiday PaintPaint Sleigh (Trade Post and Bazaar), Seat CushionsCushion Sleigh (Island Outfitters), Sack PatchesPatches Sleigh (Island Outfitters), Pike's PresentsPresents Sleigh (Glassworks), Sleigh SundriesSundries Sleigh (Bazaar)

The Sleigh requires different items at different levels :

Note: There is no feed all option during Level 1, so you only need to make 8 nails or 8 boards.

The make times and heart rewards for these items are shown below :

Item Time to make Reputation Reward gain/h
Board Board 2 min (1m30s) 10 300 (400)
Nails Nails 20 min (15m) 10 30 (40)
Velvet Sleigh Velvet 20 min (15m) 40 120 (160)
Paint Sleigh Holiday Paint -- 35 --
Cushion Sleigh Seat Cushions 30 min (22m30s) 70 140 (186)
Patches Sleigh Sack Patches 30 min (22m30s) 90 180 (240)
Presents Sleigh Pike's Presents 30 min (22m30s) 200 400 (533)
Sundries Sleigh Sleigh Sundries -- 1000 --

Note: Time and gain with Mill Mastery 25% speed bonus are shown in brackets.
Note: Heart values for items may be reduced while the "Short Build Time" booster is active.

The special booster item is available at the Bazaar :

Important : Share your Letter to PikeLetters Sleigh with other TradeMasters (see the Letter to Pike page to see how to do this).

Each time you supply items to your Sleigh you will receive Gold and Goodwill rewards.
Each time you level up your Sleigh you will receive various rewards and decorations (see below).

Relationship Levels

Level Reputation for next level Rewards for *completing* level Letters Sleigh
start n/a - -
1 80 1x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 2
2 120 3x AxeToolAxe 2
3 120 1x Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants 2
4 1,000 10x Snowy PathSnow patch, 1x ChestnutsDeco Xmas Nuts, 2x Lively LanternsLantern post XMas 2
5 1,500 1x Green DyeDyeGreen, 1x Blue DyeDyeBlue, 1x Red DyeDyeRed 2
6 3,200 3x PearlsPearl 2
7 4,000 2x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 2
8 5,250 5x AxeToolAxe 2
9 6,250 20x Snowy PathSnow patch, 20x Gingerbread FenceDeco FenceGingerStraight, 4x Gingerbread GateDeco FenceGingerGate, 1x Holiday HouseHoliday workshop 2
10 6,400 5x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon 2
11 7,200 3x Green DyeDyeGreen, 3x Blue DyeDyeBlue, 3x Red DyeDyeRed 2
12 10,000 6x PearlsPearl 2
13 11,000 3x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 2
14 11,850 100x Gems 2
15 12,750 20x Winter PathDeco Winter Path, 4x Winter GateDeco Winter Gate, 20x Winter FenceDeco Winter Fence, 2x NutcrackerDeco Xmas Nutcracker 5
16 max level n/a n/a

Event Social Currency

Candy Cane Currency Candy Canes Sleigh is obtained :

  • When another Trademaster drops a Letter to PikeLetters Sleigh onto your Sleigh, 20 Reputation, 10 Candy Canes Sleigh and 25 Social
  • When you drop a Letter to PikeLetters Sleigh on another Trademaster's Sleigh, 75 Candy Canes Sleigh and 25 Social

See below for special items you can buy at the BazaarBazaar screen using the event currency.

16 Tiers of Holiday Cheer!

Keep piling on those items to build your Holiday Sleigh! It starts as a simple board at Level 1. The Sleigh frame parts are added at Levels 2, 4 and 6; a seat and wreath at Level 8; a seat back, decor and a sack at Level 10; a footrest and some presents at Level 12; armrests, stripe decor and more presents at Level 14; and finally a seat cover, foot mat, more presents and a special festive dolphin to pull the sleigh at Level 16! :

Hs 01 Hs 02 03 Hs 04 05
Level 1 Levels 2+3 Levels 4+5
Hs 06 07 Hs 08 09 Hs 10 11
Levels 6+7 Levels 8+9 Levels 10+11
Hs 12 13 Hs 14 15 Hs 16
Levels 12+13 Levels 14+15 Level 16

Character Dialogue

!!! Attention Spoiler !!! click "Expand" to view all dialogue =>

Pike: "Ahoy Finn m'boy! Can I get ye help for a big project I be working on?"
Finn: "Sure Pike! What are you up to?"
Pike: "I'll be telling ye in a minute mate. First, help me get this here board into the water."

Finn: "So what's this old board for Pike?"
Pike: "It's to help me spread Holiday cheer lad!"
Finn: "I'm confused..."
Pike: "Well it's not much to look at now Finn but this be the humble beginning of me Holiday Sleigh!"
Finn: "Oh that makes sense! Wait no...I'm still confused."
Pike: "Well Finn me boy, this time of year I enjoy handing out gifts to all of our neighbors!"
Pike: "Me old boat just won't cut it this year for what I have planned!"
Finn: "Well it looks like we have lots of work to do before this thing is seaworthy."
Pike: "Right ye are lad. First things first, I'll need some Boards and Nails to build the base."

Pike: "That's all the Boards and Nails we be needing Finn."
Finn: "That was fast! Are we done already?"
Pike: "Afraid not lad. We can't be seen spreading holiday cheer in such a drab sleigh."
Sita: "Did I just overhear something needs decorating?"
Finn: "Oh hi Sita! I'm helping Pike build his Holiday Sleigh!"
Sita: "Why don't we have the Trademaster make us some Velvet at the Weaver? I bet that would really spruce up this sleigh!"
Sita: "Once we have some Velvet I can start decorating!"

Sita: "And done! That should be enough Velvet for now, Pike, What do you think of the bow?"
Pike: "Yargh it be looking swell lassie but it still be missing something."
Finn: "I know! It just needs a fresh coat of paint! Maybe Keani and the Trademaster can help us find some?"
Keani: "Oh hey there Finn!"
Finn: "Hey Keani! Pike needs our help building his Holiday Sleigh!"
Keani: "He's back at it again huh? Alright, how can I help?"
Finn: "Do you think you and the Trademaster could collect some Holiday Paint from the Tradepost?"
Keani: "Sure thing Finn! Trademaster, let's complete as many trades as we can!"

Keani: "Your Holiday Sleigh is looking great, Pike!"
Pike: "Yargh but it be looking a tad bit...uncomfy."
Sita: "I'll make you some Seat Cushions"
Sita: "Trademaster, if you make some more Velvet I can whip up some Seat Cushions for Pike at the Island Outfitters!"

Pike: "Yargh that be looking like a sufficient place to be sitting. Good work everyone!"
Finn: "What's next Pike? This is fun!"
Pike: "I be needing something to put all the gifts I be giving away in."
Keani: "Any ideas Sita?"
Sita: "I can make a bag to put all of the gifts in!"
Sita: "I'll just need some more Velvet and a bit of Pomegranate for color and I'll get started at the Island Outfitter!"

Sita: "Your gift bag is ready to go Pike!"
Pike: "That be some fine stitching Sita, I do be appreciating your help!"
Finn: "Is it time for the highlight:Presents?!?!"
Pike: "That it be lad."
Finn: "I have everything ready for making Presents at the Glassworks"
Pike: "Let's get to it matey!"

Keani: "How are the presents coming Finn?"
Finn: "Good! But Pike wants a LOT more!"
Keani: "That's our old seadog, trying to make the holidays special for everyone!"
Pike: "You be havin' anymore of that Holiday Paint? I'd like to do a few more touch ups."
Keani: "I'll ask the Trademaster to get some more from the Tradepost!"

Finn:: "I'm not sure the Holiday Sleigh can hold many more of these presents Pike!"
Pike: "Aye, just a little more lad. Can you handle the rest? I need to figure out a way to get this sleigh moving."
Finn: "What are you going to do Pike?"
Pike: "I be having something special in mind...."

Pike: "Yargh, how you be liking this mode of transportation?"
Keani: "A dolphin??? That's amazing Pike!"
Sita: "How did you talk a dolphin into pulling your sleigh Pike?"
Pike: "Aye an old seadog needs to keep a few tricks to take to ol' Davy Jones's locker with him."
Finn: "This is going to be the best holiday ever!"
Pike: "Aye, thanks for the help everyone!"

Special Promotions


If you want to maximise the number of special harvesters available you should purchase the additional paid/promotional harvesters AFTER collecting the 6 regular harvesters from the build bar (30xGems each). This way you can have 9 harvesters at once. If you buy the promotional harvesters first you can only have 6 harvesters at a time.

There are three special promotions for this event (price varies):

  • From Levels 1-8 : A "Kickstart" bundle with 5000x Reputation for your Sleigh (5x Sleigh SundriesSundries Sleigh), 3x Holiday MailboxDeco Xmas Mailbox harvesters and 2000x Candy Canes Sleigh currency.
  • From Level 9 : A "Mid Event" bundle with 4000x Reputation for your Sleigh (4x Sleigh SundriesSundries Sleigh).
  • From Dec 24th : A "Last Chance" bundle with 7000x Reputation for your Sleigh (7x Sleigh SundriesSundries Sleigh).

Hs kickstart Hs midevent Hs lastchance

Special Bazaar Items

The following items and decorations are available to purchase :

After the event

Your Holiday Sleigh will remain in place after the event ends (like previous gathering events).

You can "feed" your Sleigh with 2x BoardBoard to obtain rewards (which will depend on the friendship level reached at the end of the event).

The waiting time before being able to feed again is also dependent on the friendship level reached at the end of the event :

Level Waiting Time
1 3 days
2 2 1/2 days
3 2 days
4 1 1/2 days
5 1 day
6 12 hours
7-16 10 hours

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