Harvesting allows you to create and collect trade goods and resources in order to make even more goods and resources.

The items you harvest are the basis of all trade goods, so be sure to collect and store as many crops as you can!

There are three ways you can harvest resources:

Plant Crops


Plant crops by tapping an empty field. This opens the crop menu.

Select the crop you’d like to grow and drag it over any empty field. You can plant multiple fields all at once—just continue dragging until you’re finished planting.

Once a crop is fully grown, tap it and drag the harvesting tool over that same field to collect. For every crop you plant, you get two back!

Harvested crops are sent to the Windmill Storage, so be sure to monitor your capacity and upgrade when necessary!

Use Animal Harvesters

The island’s animals are eager to help! You can use Turtle and Otter to gather underwater resources, Sloth to gather resources from tree stumps, and Mole to gather ore from below the earth!

To get these critters started harvesting resources, tap any inactive animal. Choose the resource you’d like them to harvest and drag it over the animal(s) you’d like to start working.

Make sure you have the tools or gems available to help the harvesters work! You can make more harvesting tools at the Island Workshop.

The resources animals gather are sent to Treehouse Storage. Again, be sure to monitor your capacity and upgrade when necessary!

Collecting Fruit

Sometimes, you’ll need special plants to grow a specific resource. Plants like coconut trees, pomegranate trees, and blueberries bushes all need their own spot on the island to grow!

When available, you’ll find these plants in the Build menu. Plant them wherever you like and collect their fruit when it’s ready!

Be aware, trees and bushes bear fruit for a limited time! Once you’ve exhausted their resources, use clearing tools to remove them and make room on your island. You can plant more trees and bushes from the Build menu.

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