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Available at the Salvage Shop from Aug 12th - Sept 23rd 2018.

Gulliboat : boat parts
Name Image Description Cost
Gulliboat Hull BYOS hull seagull Free manual marine catchers included. 300x DiveCurrency
Gulliboat Sail BYOS sail x Advanced aerodynamic design. 300x DiveCurrency
Gulliboat Figurehead BYOS fhead fishHook Extra-large manual marine catcher. 300x DiveCurrency
Gulliboat Trophy BYOS toppers sharkBite Flying shark deterrent. 300x DiveCurrency
Gulliboat Tires BYOS frills tugboat tire State of the art floatation devices. 300x DiveCurrency
Gulliboat Fishing Poles BYOS frills fishing pole Additional manual marine catchers. 30x DiveCurrency

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