Also known as Full Storage Stacking or Mill Stacking

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Before You Start

  • Fill your Treehouse Storage with Items you need for the Mill you want to make items with.
  • Make sure you have as much Ingredients as you can before you fill your storage.
  • Fill your Treehouse, either with items you are going to use right away or you can sell fast.

Full Inventory Stacking

  • Have a Full Treehouse.
  • Double Tap the Mill in Question.
  • Queue Up your Mill with Recipes.
  • Done!


In the First Slide that the Mill has Items already made (4 to be exact), when you make items when you have a Full Treehouse they stay in that Mill. You do not lose them, so they don't take up Storage Space until you want them. The mill will only show the 6 oldest items at a time but rest assured your items after the 6 are still there but you will have to pick them up in the order they were made in.

Full Inventory Stacking for Pets

Stacking with Crop fed Pets

Follow the same steps as you would a mill and stack your Pet Rewards. This only works for Pets with Crops as Favorite Foods:

Pet-OrangeMonkey Golden-Nosed Monkey with Coconut Coconut
Pet-Monkey Blue Capuchin Monkey with Coconut Coconut
MonkeyLunar Monkey of the Year with Coconut Coconut
Pet-BlueTapir Striped Tapir with Pomegranate Pomegranate
Pet-PinkTapir Jungle Tapir with Pomegranate Pomegranate
Peacock Pretty Pretty Peacock with Vanilla Vanilla
Lovebirds with Pineapple Pineapple


This will not work if you feed with PetFood Primo Pet Treats, Fish Fish, SearedAhiTuna Grilled Fish, Shrimp Shrimp, RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit or Sunfish Sunfish. See below on how to stack with those type of Pets.

Stacking with non-Crop fed Pets

Full Inventory Stacking for the following pets:

Pet-Pelican Golden White Pelican
Pet-Chameleon Rainbow Chameleon
Pet-KingCrab King Crab
QueenCrab Queen Crab
Pet-BrownSeahorse Spotted Seahorse
Pet-PurpleSeahorse Pinkfin Seahorse

Step 1: Get a pearl of a turtle/otter when the storage is almost full (279 of 280, for example). This action will allow storage exceed the maximum (281 of 280).

Step 2: Feed the pet and get one of the following rewards: pearl, black powder, primo pet treats, platinum, jade, sapphire or ruby.

The next time you feed the pet, you'll have to do the same.

Full Inventary Stacking for Pets


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