Grand Pumpkin
This pumpkin may not start grand. But if you treat it right it'll be one Grand Pumpkin.

Legend says that every year around All Hallows Eve, one lucky person finds the Grand Pumpkin..! This is the Halloween 2016 special event. You will need to collect pumpkins then make special Halloween items to feed to the Grand Pumpkin to help it grow .

How to get

The Grand Pumpkin is available from Oct 14th 2016.

Levelling Up and Rewards

To level up your Pumpkin you must "feed" it with its favourite pumpkin treats. The items are obtained from your mills using special limited time recipes :

The make times and heart rewards for these items are shown below :

Item Time to make Reputation Reward gain/h
Grilled PumpkinGrilledPumpkin 10 min 20 -
Pumpkin LattePumpkinLatte 15 min 35 -
Pumpkin PiePumpkinPie 45 min 65 -
Pumpkin SoupPumpkinSoup 6 h 100 -
Pumpkin ArrangementPumpkinVase 12 h 300 -

Each time you feed your Pumpkin you will receive Gold and Goodwill rewards.
The first 6 times you level up your Pumpkin you will receive various rewards and decorations (see below).

Relationship Levels

Level Reputation for next Level Rewards Etoile Prestige Decor
1 150 2x Grilled PumpkinGrilledPumpkin
3x PumpkinPumpkin
Grand PumpkinDeco greatPumpkin
2 1,500 1x Pumpkin LattePumpkinLatte 5x Frightful FenceIronFence
Gruesome GateIronGate
3 4,500 1x Pumpkin LattePumpkinLatte 3x Spooky Ghost ScarecrowSpookyGhost
4 9,000 2x Pumpkin PiePumpkinPie
1x Pumpkin SoupPumpkinSoup
2x Franken-stone MonsterDeco frankenTiki
5 10,000 1x Pumpkin ArrangementPumpkinVase 1x Spooky TreeDeco SpookyTree
6 2,500 2x Pumpkin ArrangementPumpkinVase 5x Etoile Prestige
7 2,500
8 2,500
9 2,500
10 2,500
11 2,500
12 2,500
13 2,500
14 2,500
15 max level

After the Event

Your Grand Pumpkin will remain in place after the event ends.
You can feed your Grand Pumpkin with CoffeeCoffee to obtain rewards (which will depend on the relationship level reached at the end of the event).
The waiting time before being able to feed again is also dependent on the relationship level reached at the end of the event :

Finish Level Waiting Time
1 3 days
2 2 1/2 days
3 2 days
4 1 1/2 days
5 1 day
6 12 hours
7 to 15 10 hours

See also

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