Grand Balloon Event! - July 2018
Feed this fishy flyer to recieve fabulous gifts!

Grand Balloon promo

Finn has a crazy idea - he dreamt about a huge magic balloon so he and Pike decide to build one! You will need to use certain items at specific stages to level up the Balloon (similar but slightly different principle to previous build events).


If you think you will struggle with the resources required for a particular level(s) it is possible to "overfeed" the Balloon on the current level with more items than required (using "Feed All") to bypass the next level(s).

Keani Full Anniversary

ATTENTION: Bubble Trouble! There is currently an issue where Buoyant Bubbles are not being rewarded for dives. PB are investigating the issue.
PB fixed this bug on July 17th and rewarded every TradeMaster with 3x Balloon SundriesBalloon Sundries as compensation for the glitch.

Keani Full Anniversary

Puffer Patches and Buoyant Bubbles can be sold in the World Market or traded for 75x Balloon Badge Resource Balloon social currency (10x Buoyant Bubbles + 1x Puffer Patch) at the Bazaar from July 27th.

How to get

The Grand Balloon is available from July 15th 17h UTC (18h BST) and the event runs until July 27th 04h UTC (05h BST).
You can place the base of the Balloon in the water around your island by dragging it in from the game's build menu (free).

Levelling Up and Rewards

To upgrade your Grand Balloon you must "feed" it with the following items for particular parts of the build :

The Balloon requires different items at different levels :

The make times and heart rewards for these items are shown below :

Item Time to make Reputation Reward gain/h
Cloth Cloth 10 min 30 180
Needle Needle 10 min 70 420
Board Board 2 min 20 600
Nails Nails 20 min 120 360
Sunfish Sunfish 8h (buy x1 / x2) 100 12.5 / 25
RainbowFruit Rainbow Fruit 8h (buy x1 / x2) 100 12.5 / 25
Buoyant Bubbles Buoyant Bubbles n/a 30 n/a
Puffer Patches Puffer Patches n/a 200 n/a
Balloon Sundries Balloon Sundries n/a 1000 n/a

Note: Standard make times without Mill Mastery upgrades.
Note: Heart values for manufactured items may be reduced while the "Short Build Time" booster is active.

The special booster item is only available via paid in-game promotions :

Balloon Badges Resource Balloon are required to buy items at the Bazaar and are obtained :

  • From Dock trades (sometimes)
  • From wildlife and treasure chests (sometimes)
  • When another Trademaster drops Buddy BalloonsBuddy Balloons onto your Grand Balloon, 50 Reputation, 10 Resource Balloon and 25 Social
  • When you drop Buddy BalloonsBuddy Balloons on another Trademaster's Grand Balloon, 50 Resource Balloon and 25 Social

Each time you supply materials to your Grand Balloon you will receive Gold and Goodwill rewards.
Each time you level up your Grand Balloon you will receive various rewards and decorations (see below).

Important : Share your Buddy BalloonsBuddy Balloons with other TradeMasters (see Buddy Balloons page to see how to do this).

Relationship Levels

Level Reputation for next level Rewards for *completing* level Buddy Balloons
start n/a 1x ClothCloth, 1x NeedleNeedle -
1 700 1x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 1
2 900 3x AxeToolAxe
then 1x BoardBoard, 1x NailsNails
3 2,000 3x Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants 1
4 2,000 3x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon
then 3x Buoyant BubblesBuoyant Bubbles
5 3,000 1x Green DyeDyeGreen, 1x Blue DyeDyeBlue, 1x Red DyeDyeRed 1
6 4,000 3x PearlsPearl
then 1x Rainbow FruitRainbowFruit, 1x Buoyant BubblesBuoyant Bubbles
7 5,000 2x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 1
8 5,000 5x AxeToolAxe
then 1x SunfishSunfish, 1x Puffer PatchesPuffer Patches
9 5,000 5x Inked RemnantsInkedRemnants 1
10 5,000 5x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon 1
11 4,000 3x Green DyeDyeGreen, 3x Blue DyeDyeBlue, 3x Red DyeDyeRed 1
12 4,000 5x PearlsPearl 1
13 9,000 2x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 1
14 10,000 100x Gems 1
15 max level n/a n/a

The Sky’s the Limit!

Build your balloon and fill it with bubbles! The Grand Balloon starts as a raft and gets a float at Level 3, a basket at Level 5, a plain balloon at Level 7, colourful decoration at Level 9, Pufferfish decoration and fins at Level 11, Pufferfish eyes at Level 13, and Pufferfish mouth and spines at Level 15!

Gb 01 02 Gb 03 04 Gb 05 06
Levels 1+2 Levels 3+4 Levels 5+6
Gb 07 08 Gb 09 10 Gb 11 12
Levels 7+8 Levels 9+10 Levels 11+12
Gb 13 14 Gb 15
Levels 13+14 Level 15

Character Dialogue

!!! Attention Spoiler !!! click "Expand" to view all dialogue =>

Finn: ”Hey Pike, I've got a crazy idea."
Pike: ”Ha! Ye tryin to scare me, lad?!"
Finn: "I had a dream about a magic balloon! A HUGE one!"
Pike: "Ha! Well, ye didn't lie lad, that does sound crazy. Let's make it!"
Finn: "This is gonna be so big we better start in the water. Help me find a place!"

Finn: "Look at that! The perfect spot to start building."
Finn: " do balloons work? The kind you ride in?"
Pike: "Well, since we're buildin' on the water, let's start with a raft."
Pike: "Fetch us some needles and cloth, if you please, Trademaster!"
Finn: "That's great, Trademaster! You're doing it!"
Finn: "Let's keep building and make it bigger!"

Finn: "Wow! This is looking great!"
Keani: "What's going on here, Finn?"
Finn: "We're making a balloon to ride in, Keani!"
Keani: "Can I help?"
Finn: "Of course, help us finish the raft part! We need lots of needles and cloth!”

Finn: "Whew! That was fun! Now we have a nice dry place to work."
Keani: "What's next, Finn?"
Finn: "Umm... we need a place to sit..."
Pike: "A basket, lad. We need a basket to sit in!"
Pike: "Let's make it sturdy! Grab us some boards and nails, lad!"
Finn: "Great! Get us more just like that, Trademaster!"

Finn: "This is coming along great!"
Keani: "It sure is! Sturdy as can be!"
Finn: "If Pike's gonna ride in it we better make it a little more sturdy..."
Pike: "How dare ye! But...aye, maybe we firm it up a wee bit more..."
Pike: "More boards and nails, if ye please, Trademaster. We're buildin' this to last!"

Keani: "Now THAT'S a sturdy basket!"
Finn: "It's Pike-worthy!"
Pike: "Come on, now..."
Finn: "Is it time to sew the balloon yet?"
Keani: "Yes indeed! Cloth and needles can make a balloon, but how do we fill it up?"
Wesley: "I know! Bubbles! Buoyant Bubbles from under the sea!"
Wesley: "Come with me to the Dive Site! We can dive for Buoyant Bubbles there!"
Wesley: "Here's some bubbles while we wait for our dive to finish."
Wesley: "You're doing great, Trademaster! Keep diving below the waves for bubbles!"
Wesley: "And we can get even more by helping our friends dive!"

Wesley: "The balloon is really filling up!"
Pike: "Looks a wee bit like how I felt after I finishin' that roast pig all by meself."
Wesley: "Let's keep up the pressure, Trademaster!"
Wesley: "Cloth, needles and bubbles ahoy!"

Wesley: "Beautiful! Our balloon part is finished, but it looks a little plain..."
Wesley: "How about we give it a bright, beautiful coat of paint?"
Keani: "Yes! I agree, it's gotta be the most beautiful balloon ever. But how?"
Wesley: "That's easy! Bring me some Rainbow Fruit and I'll make it into paint!"

Wesley: "This paint is really going to make a difference!"
Finn: "You're doing great, Trademaster!"
Wesley: "Keep on bringing the Rainbow Fruit, we're almost there!"

Wesley: "Look at THAT!"
Keani: "It looks like a fish!"
Wesley: "It certainly does. Like a Puffer Fish!"
Keani: "I know how we could REALLY make it look like a fish."
Keani: "Trademaster, if you can bring me some Sunfish for reference, that would help."
Keani: "Oh, and I'll put in an order for Puffer Patches at the docks!"
Pike: "Thank ye Keani! I'll check the docks fer Puffer Patches!”

Keani: "Why'd you want to build a balloon anyway, Finn?"
Finn: "Well, I was dreaming that I was alone on the island. I couldn't find my friends."
Finn: "I thought if I had a big balloon, I could fly up high and see so far..."
Keani: " far that you'd always be able to find us?"
Finn: "Yeah..."
Keani: "That's a good reason. Let's keep going!"
Keani: "More Sunfish and Puffer Patches, Trademaster!"

Wesley: "Yes, yes, yes. This is coming along nicely."
Keani: "I think we have enough Sunfish, I know exactly how I want this to look."
Keani: "Now we just need more Puffer Patches!”
Pike: "Aye Aye! Keep the orders comin', Trademaster!"

Wesley: "Balloon progress is looking top notch!"
Keani: "Poor Finn. I didn't know he was having these nightmares!"
Wesley: "He just gets lonely sometimes. He always perks up when he has a project though!"
Keani: "We'll finish this balloon and he'll know he'll never lose sight of us."
Wesley: "Agreed! Keep up the good work, Trademaster!"

Wesley: "It's just looking lovely! What do you think, Finn?"
Finn: "Wow! It's gonna be the best balloon that ever was!"
Keani: "That it will! I'm just about ready for finishing touches."
Keani: "More Puffer Patches and Buoyant Bubbles, if you please, Trademaster!"

Finn: "We're almost done, Trademaster!"
Wesley: "Indeed, we are!"
Keani: "And it's wonderful!"
Wesley: "Just a little bit more to go!"
Finn: "More Puffer Patches and Buoyant Bubbles, Trademaster! On to victory!"

Keani:: "Finn, you know you don't need to worry about losing us."
Wesley: "Yes old boy, we'll be here for your forever."
Keani: "Any time you can't find us, you can climb into your balloon to look around!"
Finn: "And you can all come with me, too! Even Pike!"
Pike:: "Aye, lad! Ye have built one Pike-worthy flying fish, indeed!"
Wesley: "...maybe reinforce those floorboards a tad more..."
Pike: "Ha! Aye, maybe so!"

Special Promotions

There are three special promotions for this event (price varies):
July 15th: A "Kickstart" bundle with 2x Balloon SundriesBalloon Sundries (2000Reputation), 20x Pearl, 300x Balloon Badge Resource Balloon social currency, and 2x Friendly FloaterDeco Balloon Tank.
Mid-event: A "Mid Event Bundle" with 20x Puffer PatchesPuffer Patches, 200x Balloon Bagdge Resource Balloon social currency, and 5x Buddy BalloonsBuddy Balloons.
July 25th : A "Last Chance" bundle with 8x Balloon SundriesBalloon Sundries (8000Reputation) for your Grand Balloon.
Gb kickstart Gb midevent Gb lastchance

Special Bazaar Items

The Bronze Sticker Chest is available at the Bazaar during this event for 1200x Resource Balloon. Current available stickers are:
Sticker monkey Sticker monkeyorange Sticker tapirpink Sticker tapirblue Sticker seahorsebrown Sticker seahorsepurple Sticker pelican Sticker chameleon Sticker kingCrab Sticker peacock Sticker queencrab Sticker lovebirds Sticker yearmonkey Sticker kraken Sticker panda Sticker bunny Sticker orca Sticker koala Sticker shark Sticker hippo Sticker pladypus Sticker tiger Sticker giraffe Sticker GhostBird Sticker PolarBear Sticker turkey Sticker flamingos Sticker Baby Chicks Sticker Hedgehog Orange Sticker kiwi Sticker MantaRay Sticker Tiger Shark
Caution: If you already have all of the above pets maxxed you will receive 2x Dyes or 2x Primo Pet TreatsPetFood.

After the event

Your Grand Balloon will remain in place after the event ends (like previous build events).
You can "feed" your Balloon with 2x BoardBoard to obtain rewards (which will depend on the friendship level reached at the end of the event).
The waiting time before being able to feed again is also dependent on the friendship level reached at the end of the event :

Level Waiting Time
1 3 days
2 2 1/2 days
3 2 days
4 1 1/2 days
5 1 day
6 12 hours
7-12 10 hours

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