George is a Merchant Trader, who can offer Clearing Tools, Upgrade Resources and even possibly Gems Gems. He also has his own island, Angler Island.

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George's Quotes

As Merchant Trader at Docks:

  • Hello, neighbor! I'll bet you can help me find a few things...
  • Come visit sometime. I'll give you a great deal! Meanwhile, you can give me one...
  • Got what I'm looking for? Then fill 'er on up!
  • What have you got for trade today, friend?
  • What do you say, neighbor? Can you fill my order?

On his Island :

  • Zzzzz... *snort* zzzzZZZZ....
  • I'm working on it! I'm working on it!
  • You're not from the fan club, are you?
  • I like it here where they can't find me.
  • Angler Island. Just me and my boat and the fish. I like it.
  • I hope you're not one of It's hard to get away from them.
  • How do you like my swordfish? He gave me quite a fight.
  • I can't wait for someone to invent the typewriter. I've got such a cramp.
  • Do you like fish? I like fish. It's a darned good thing, too.
  • I'm a man of few words. Okay, several million words, but keep it under your hat.
  • Promise you won't tell them where I am.
  • What do you think of this title: 'A Rain of Bones.' 'A Blame of Groans?' No...
  • How about 'A Drain of Loans?' No? 'A Flame of Stones?'
  • I lead a simple life here, and a quiet one. I do go through a lot of fish hooks and quill pens...
  • When I'm not fishing, I'm writing. The darned book just won't end.
  • Writing cuts into my fishing time something fierce.
  • I came to this island to get away. Far away.
  • I've got everything I need. When I don't, I trade for it.
  • Have you seen my sunfish? They're such CUTE little beggars!
  • I've taught my sunfish synchronized swimming. You should catch their act sometime!
  • When I'm done with my nap, I'm taking another nap.
  • The worst day fishing is better than the best day working.
  • What do you think I should do today? Fish? Write? Fish?
  • You should read my books. In your spare time. If you have lots and lots of spare time.
  • Still looking for a title. 'A Train of Drones?' Hmmm... I kinda like that one.


  • He was probably modeled after the author George R R Martin, who wrote Game of Thrones. Martin is a notoriously slow writer.
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