Poultry in Motion! - Pilgrim's Pie Gathering Event! - Nov 2018
Level this up to earn new boat parts.

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The seagulls pull the old Festive Feast Table out of storage and Keani asks Finn and the islanders to help prepare the feast while the seagulls build the Pilgrim's Pie boat. You will need to use specific items to level up the Table (similar principle to the previous gathering events).

How to get

The Festive Feast Table is available from November 14th 17h UTC and the event runs until November 22nd 04h UTC.
You can place the base of the Table on your island by dragging it in from the game's build menu (free).

Levelling Up and Rewards

To obtain the boat parts you must upgrade your Table by "feeding" it with specific items from your mills or harvesters, or collected from dock or TradePost orders :
Tasty TartBenedict Crumbletart (Arr’Bucks), Fantastic FeastFantastic feast (Grill), Turkey LegTurkey trotter (mainly Trade Post), Turkey SundriesTurkey boat sundries

The make times and heart rewards for these items are shown below :

Item Time to make Reputation Reward gain/h
Benedict Crumbletart Tasty Tart 20 min (15m) 150 450 (600)
Fantastic feast Fantastic Feast 10 min (7m30s) 150 900 (1200)
Turkey trotter Turkey Leg -- 90 --
Turkey boat sundries Turkey Sundries -- 1000 --

Note: Time and gain with Mill Mastery 25% speed bonus are shown in brackets.
Note: Heart values for items may be reduced while the "Short Build Time" booster is active.

The special booster item is available at the Bazaar :

Important : Share your Savory GravySavory gravy with other TradeMasters (see the Savory Gravy page to see how to do this).

Each time you supply items to your Table you will receive Gold and Goodwill rewards.
Each time you level up your Table you will receive various rewards and boat parts (see below).

Relationship Levels

Level Reputation for next level Rewards for *completing* level Savory gravy
start n/a 1x Tasty TartBenedict Crumbletart
1x Fantastic FeastFantastic feast
1x Turkey LegTurkey trotter
1 250 Pilgrim's Pie Sail BYOS sail Turkeyboat 2
2 750 Pilgrim's Pie Salt and Pepper Frill BYOS frills saltNpepper 2
3 1500 2x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon 2
4 2,250 Pilgrim's Pie Pilgrim's Hat BYOS toppers pilgrimHat 2
5 3,000 2x PearlsPearl 2
6 3,750 2x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 2
7 4,500 Pilgrim's Pie Pilgrim's Pies BYOS frills pie 2
8 5,500 3x Primo Pet TreatsPetFood 2
9 6,500 3x Ghost DoubloonGhost Doublon 2
10 8,000 Pilgrim's Pie Pepper Grinder Figurehead BYOS fhead pepperGrind 2
11 9,500 3x PearlsPearl 2
12 11,000 3x Bronze Pet TicketBronze Ticket 2
13 13,000 25x Gems 2
14 15,500 Pilgrim's Pie Hull BYOS hull turkey
75x Gems
15 max level n/a n/a

Event Social Currency

Wonderful Wishbones Special splitter are obtained :

  • From Dock trades (sometimes)
  • From wildlife and treasure chests (sometimes)
  • When another Trademaster drops Savory GravySavory gravy onto your Festive Feast Table, 30 Reputation, 10 Special splitter and 25 Social
  • When you drop Savory GravySavory gravy on another Trademaster's Festive Feast Table, 50 Special splitter and 25 Social

See below for special items you can buy at the BazaarBazaar screen using the event currency.

Poultry in Motion!

Keep piling on those items to build your Festive Feast Table! The Table gets chairs at Level 2, a tablecloth at Level 4, plates at Level 6, cutlery at Level 8, candlesticks at Level 10, salt and pepper pots at Level 12, and a turkey dinner at Level 15! :

Fft 01 Fft 02 03 Fft 04 05
Level 1 Levels 2+3 Levels 4+5
Fft 06 07 Fft 08 09 Fft 10 11
Levels 6+7 Levels 8+9 Levels 10+11
Fft 12 13 14 Fft 15
Levels 12-14 Level 15

Special Promotions


If you want to maximise the number of special harvesters available you should purchase the additional paid/promotional harvesters AFTER collecting the 6 regular harvesters from the build bar (30xGems each). This way you can have 8/10 harvesters at once. If you buy the promotional harvesters first you can only have 6 harvesters at a time.

There are three special promotions for this event (price varies):

  • November 14th : A "Kickstart" bundle with 7000x Reputation for your Table (7x Turkey SundriesTurkey boat sundries) and 2x Gravy BoatDeco GravyBoat harvesters
  • November 17th : A "Mid Event" bundle with 3000x Reputation for your Table (3x Turkey SundriesTurkey boat sundries) and 1x Gravy BoatDeco GravyBoat harvester
  • TBC : A "Last Chance" bundle

Fft kickstart Fft midevent

Special Bazaar Items

The Bronze Sticker Chest is available at the Bazaar during this event for 1200x Special splitter. Current available stickers are:
Sticker monkey Sticker monkeyorange Sticker tapirpink Sticker tapirblue Sticker seahorsebrown Sticker seahorsepurple Sticker pelican Sticker chameleon Sticker kingCrab Sticker peacock Sticker queencrab Sticker lovebirds Sticker yearmonkey Sticker kraken Sticker panda Sticker bunny Sticker orca Sticker koala Sticker shark Sticker hippo Sticker pladypus Sticker tiger Sticker giraffe Sticker GhostBird Sticker PolarBear Sticker turkey Sticker flamingos Sticker Baby Chicks Sticker Hedgehog Orange Sticker kiwi Sticker MantaRay Sticker Tiger Shark Sticker Dolphin Sticker Lama Sticker bat Sticker Snowy Owl Sticker Arctic Fox Sticker White Tiger Sticker Flying Squirrel Valentine Sticker ermine Sticker duckling Sticker Orangutan Sticker Kitten
Caution: If you already have all of the above pets maxxed you will receive one of the random rewards per TradeFest Bonus Tiers.

The following decorations are also available to purchase :

After the event

Your Festive Feast Table will remain in place after the event ends (like previous gathering events).

You can "feed" your Table with 1x Blueberry PieBlueberryPie to obtain rewards (which will depend on the friendship level reached at the end of the event).

The waiting time before being able to feed again is also dependent on the friendship level reached at the end of the event :

Level Waiting Time
1 3 days
2 2 1/2 days
3 2 days
4 1 1/2 days
5 1 day
6 12 hours
7-15 10 hours

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