Dreadbird is a Merchant Trader, who offers Black PowderBlackPowder or pet stickers.

He also has his own island, Dreadbird's FortMap-DreadbirdsFort.

Relationship Levels Reputation
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points to Next Level 40 80 160 240 400 600 1000 1400 2000 5000

Dreadbird Quotes

As Merchant Trader at Docks:

  • AWK! Shiver me feathers! It's Paradise Bay!
  • Me hold's empty! AWKward!
  • Mine! Mine! Mine!
  • DEAD MEN SHOP NO SALES. Muahaha *cough* AWK!
  • By Blackbeard's blade, what a savings! AWK!

On his Island :

  • Ho there! Ahoy! Awk!
  • I'm Dreadbird, I am. Awk! Dreadbird the pirate.
  • I'm the highest-flying pirate in Paradise Bay. Awk! ONLY flying pirate, as it happens.
  • Top of the day to ye, Matey!
  • Ahoy, Trademaster! Fine day for a trade! Awk!
  • Wanna hear a sea chanty? 'Weigh heigh and up she rises!' Awk!
  • I've a fine singing voice if I do say so myself. 'Bold Riley, oh, boom-a-lay!'
  • They seldom ask me to sing, and more's the pity. 'Bold Riley, AWK! gone away!'
  • Aye, I'm known across the waves. And above 'em, too.
  • It's a fine day for tradin' and piratin'. Huzzah, I say! Huzzah. Awk!
  • New poem! 'I saw you a' sailing, your ship I sank. Give me your money and walk the plank!'
  • Pirate poetry. Awk! 'How now, matey, ahoy and halloo. Hand over your gold and I won't run you through.'
  • Dreadbird's the name. Me friends call me CAP'N Dreadbird.
  • Blow high, blow low, and so sail we...' I'm in fine voice today. Awk!
  • Papaya!
  • I wrote a sea chanty. 'Hey ho and away we go, way, hey, ho!' Awk! That's all I've got.
  • Ahoy the Captain, give me your gold. I'll clap you in irons, your story is told.' Whaddya think?
  • I'm the most dreaded seagull pirate from here to far Tortuga. Believe it.
  • Rubies and sapphires and pieces of eight. Empty yer pockets, or I'll have ye for bait.' Awk!
  • They squawk my exploits from the Bay of Cathay to the Antipodes. Awk!
  • Ahoy, matey! Looking to trade? Or I could rob you and hang you from the yardarm. Up to you.
  • I love tradin'. And piratin'. And fish. I'm awfully fond of fish.
  • Here on Dreadbird's Fort we like to trade...when we're not boardin' ships and plunderin' and all that.
  • If you're lookin' for the most famous seagull pirate in these parts, you've found 'im.
  • Ar-harr, me bucko! Come to trade? Take in the views? Join me for some lovely raw fish?


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