A hot-tempered creature
Caution: Breathes fire.

How to get

You can adopt this Limited Edition Pet when you collect 10 stickers from the Premium Tiers of the Commodore's BountyCommodores Bounty.png daily rewards (Season 3).

You can only unlock the Premium Tier rewards by paid promotion.


Special promotional pet offered in the 3rd season of daily rewards from the Commodore's Bounty. Related decor rewards include Dragonhearth RoadDeco road dragon straight.png, Dragonhearth FenceDeco fence dragon straight.png and Dragonhearth GateDeco fence dragon gate.png.

Feed the Dragon Hatchling with 12x BambooBamboo.png and you will receive charcoal as a reward:

Feeding, Rewards Levels

You can feed this pet 1x FishFish.png, 12x BambooBamboo.png or Primo Pet TreatsPetFood.png and you will receive a reward.

Possible rewards

In addition with pet's specific rank reward, see here : Pet reward chart

See here Pets and here Pet Sanctuary for all info on nap time, feeding, rewards and more.

See also

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