This cuttlefish just wants a hug.
Is this a cuttlefish or a cuddlefish?

Cuttlefish Portrait

How to get

Originally Cuddles could be adopted via stickers won by completing random Bonus Tiers of TradeFest, and this was the main source of these stickers, but they were also sometimes awarded as a specific Tier prize.

Cuddles stickers are still available in TradeFest Bonus Tiers, but are rare. They are also available at the Pet SanctuaryPortrait petkeeper Sticker Shop by purchasing Bronze or Epic Chests. Cuddles requires 30 stickers to adopt.

Feeding, Rewards Levels

You can feed this pet 1x CrabCrabNet or Primo Pet TreatsPetFood and you will receive a reward.

Possible rewards

In addition with pet's specific rank reward, see here : Pet reward chart

See here Pets and here Pet Sanctuary for all info on nap time, feeding, rewards and more.

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