This spring grants wishes for tokens. Make a wish.
Use tokens to craft wishes. Rewards may vary. Frogs subject to change.

Making a Wish at the Croaking Spring

The Croaking Spring on Wishing Wellspring IslandIsland wishingwell allows you to make Wish Tokens (1 at a time) using the wish jar tokens you collect on the island: Jade TokenCoinJade, Sapphire TokenCoinSapphire, Ruby TokenCoinRuby.

When your wish is ready, on the frog's tongue, tap the frog to collect your rewards!
You will have to wait 48 hours for the frog to make your wish token and grant your wish.

Table of costs for Wish Tokens :

No. of Tokens WishingExploration WishingRiches WishingMystery WishingProgession WishingPets
CoinJade 4 3 2 1
CoinSapphire 1 2 2 1
CoinRuby 1 3 5

Wish of Exploration

By making a Token of ExplorationWishingExploration
Rewards :

Wish of Fortune

By making a Token of FortuneWishingRiches
Rewards :

  • 46.51% chance of 3000 Gold
  • 23.26% chance of 10 000 Gold
  • 4.65% chance of 30 000 Gold
  • 23.26% chance of 5 Gems
  • 2.33% chance of 50 Gems

Wish of Fate

By making a Token of FateWishingMystery
Rewards : One of the other four wishes

Wish of Wisdom

By making a Token of WisdomWishingProgession
Rewards :

Wish of Friendship

By making a Token of FriendshipWishingPets
Since March 23rd 2018, rewards have been modified
Rewards :

before March 23rd 2018 :

  • 55% chance of Bronze ChestPetChest bronze (1 sticker)
  • 22% chance of Gold Chest PetChest gold (3 stickers)
  • 5.5% chance of Epic Chest PetChest premium (7 stickers)
  • 1.1% chance of 2 Epic Chests PetChest premium (14 stickers)
  • 16.5% chance of 2 - 5 Primo Pet TreatsPetFood

Mastery Mode

The Mastery Mode was added to the Croaking Spring to speed up the production of Wish Tokens (48 hours).
There are 3 ranks of Mill Mastery, each giving a Speed Boost of 10% :

  • 1st Rank 70h, bonus is 10% less time
  • 2nd Rank 420h, bonus is 10% less time
  • 3rd Rank 1260h, bonus is 10% less time

So a maximum of 30% less time for making a Wish Token.

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