Commodore celebration Island AdventureShip

This new character brings a new mini-game : campaigns of sea discoveries; 9 adventures in limited time.
Commodore will ask you to furnish him a lot of objects from your island to launch his Adventuring Ship over seas and discover treasures.


Ahoy, there! Are you the Trademaster hereabouts? Splendid! My ship is in need of supplies, and your little island looks perfectly suited to provide them. What for, you ask? Why, adventure, of course! Commodore Willoughby Standfordingtonshire III at your service! Though I am known to most as simply "The Commodore." If you can provide me with the map fragments I'm missing, I'll be off to my next exciting destination. After you've supplied me, that is. As a sort of—ahem—partner in my venture, I'll reward you handsomely upon my return. You have my solemn vow!
Only theoric table :

relationship Reputation
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Reputation for next level 40 80 160 240 400
Level 6 7 8 9 10
Reputation for next level 600 1000 1400 2000 5000
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