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Island shoyu
Chef Otomo is a Merchant Trader, who can offer Clearing Tools, Upgrade Resources and even possibly Gems Gems.

He also has his own island, Shoyu Island.

Relationship Levels Reputation
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points to Next Level 40 80 160 240 400 600 1000 1400 2000 5000

Chef Otomo Quotes

As Merchant Trader at Docks:

  • Konnichiwa! I've heard you have the best of everything here in Paradise Bay!
  • Have you had your sushi today? Nigiri every day keeps the doctor away!
  • You should visit me on Shoyu Island. I'll make you my Twilight Roll!
  • Paradise Bay is as beautiful as everyone says it is! Shall we trade?
  • What a beautiful day for a visit to Paradise Bay. Let's do some trading!

On his Island :

  • Let me fix you some of my special nigiri.
  • Konnichiwa! Good day!
  • O genki desu ka? How are you? Are you well?
  • Sushi makes everything better!
  • I make my sushi from fish fresh-caught by friendly turtles. And George, of course!
  • Any time is the right time for sushi. Like now!
  • I am Paradise Bay's most renowned sushi expert! Also, its only sushi expert.
  • You know what goes well with sushi? Some delicious tempura.
  • Otomo's Sushi Bar offers the best sushi in Paradise Bay. I dare you to prove otherwise.
  • I could make sushi anywhere in the world, but I love this place best.
  • My mother was a sushi chef. Her father was a sushi chef. My father was a sushi chef. His mother... 
  • Life is better at the beach. But it can still be improved with sushi!
  • My Twilight Roll is exclusive to Shoyu Island! I only sell it to my favorite customers. Have some!
  • I'm originally from Japan. Have you ever been?
  • It's good to see you, Trademaster-san!
  • How are things on your island, Trademaster? I should visit soon.
  • I must visit Mai soon. Her rainbow fruit is so delicious!
  • The Twilight Roll is delicious today. George brought me his catch this morning!
  • Do you like my outfit? Ms. Yasmin makes all my clothes. She's an artist.
  • Dreadbird and his crew visited recently. They're big sushi fans.
  • Trademaster! So good to see you again.
  • Have you come for more of my sushi? I'm so glad!
  • Another perfect day on Shoyu Island. How did I get so lucky?
  • Aside from sushi, soy sauce is my favorite thing. That's why I named my island Shoyu!
  • Paradise Bay has the best fish anywhere! Good thing I live here.

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