Cartographer Island

Carl the Cartographer is a Merchant Trader, who trades for Map Pieces:

ScrapOfPaper Scrap of Paper - Common

InkedRemnants Inked Remnants - Uncommon
MapKey Map Key - Rare
Map Piece very rare Secret Passage - Ultra Rare

He also has his own island Carl's CabinCartographer Island.

Deco Astro Globe
At level 5 relationship with Carl The Cartographer you can collect the Astrolabe and place it on your own island.

For relationship levels see the Characters Levels Chart.

Carl the Cartographer Quotes

  • I've found my way to Paradise Bay! Maps are so useful!
  • In the market for another map piece? Let's make a deal!
  • Monocles are cool.
  • Without maps, we'd be lost. LOST, I tell you. And no one wants that.
  • My sales get your sails where they need to go.
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