A heart-shaped box of goodness to make your Lovely Drafting Table grow!

How to get

Boxes of Chocolates can be obtained :

  • By completing Trade Post orders
  • By completing Dock orders (sometimes)
  • When you start building your Drafting Table (only once)
  • By opening treasure chests (sometimes)
  • By tapping wildlife (sometimes)

...during the Valentines 2018 Lovely Drafting TableIcon building deco BYOSmapValentine table Event.


Used to level up your Lovely Drafting Table, 75x Reputation each.

TradePost Rewards

The number of boxes rewarded is related to the player level (and the type of order):

Level Quantity
up to 20 1-8
21-30 1-8
31-40 1-8
41-50 1-8
51-65 1-5
66+ 1-5

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