How to get

After you unlock Dreadbird's Fort and have level 5 relationship with Dreadbird, you have a chance at purchasing black powder instead of Root beer Root Beer. Also, Dreadbird occasionally offers this item on his Dock Trades.

Feeding pets and chests, especially Dreadbird's Fort daily chest, also can drop Black Powder. It can sometimes be traded for at Steppin' Stairs Islet, Great Crate Islet, Perfect Pulley Islet and Windy Windmill Islet once the sufficient relationship level has been reached to open the third trade slot. It can also be awarded from seal dives and purchased at the World Market.


Drop Rates

Source Chance
Pet Reward (excluding Golden-Nosed Monkey) 2.63 - 7.51%

Used to make

 Recipe   Time   Ingredients 
Powder Keg
12 h Clock 3x Thread Thread

1x Black Powder BlackPowder
1x Barrel Barrel

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