Visit the Bazaar to purchase new recipes, pets, rare items, and exclusive decorations! The Islanders will offer many recipes and special items as you build your relationships by trading with them.

The Bazaar is the purple tent located on the small plateau just above Wesley’s Exports. You’ll need to reach Level 15 before you can clear the land leading to it and fully repair the Bazaar for use.



Recipes let you make new items, which are important to creating more complex goods to trade! These recipes unlock as your relationships progress.

Keani Full Anniversary

You must have at least one pearl in storage in order for the recipe tab to appear in the bazaar.

To purchase a new recipe, visit the Bazaar and tap an unlocked recipe. If you have the resources needed to purchase the recipe, tap the Buy button to complete the purchase.


Save at least 1 Pearl for the first Bazaar Recipe, even if you have not yet unlocked the Bazaar.


Bazaar Example

1) This recipe is unlocked and ready to purchase when you have the required resources.
2) This recipe is unlocked but requires that you build a specific mill before you can purchase it.
3) This recipe will unlock when your relationship with the character shown has progressed to the required level.

Bazaar Recipes BuildMenu-Recipes

  Bazaar Recipe  Level
 Sail Recipe
Recipe Sail
15 Goodwill 1 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 3 Reputation 
 Bamboo Raft Recipe
Recipe Raft
16 Goodwill 4 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 5 Reputation 
 Sarong Recipe
Recipe Sarong
17 Goodwill 4 Pearl Avatar-Keani Keani Level 5 Reputation 
 Fish Stew Recipe
Recipe FishStew
19 Goodwill 8 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 6 Reputation 
 Powder Keg Recipe
Recipe PowderKeg
20 Goodwill 17 Pearl Avatar-Pike Pike Level 7 Reputation 
 Stained Glass Recipe
Recipe StainedGlass
21 Goodwill 16 Pearl Avatar-Keani Keani Level 8 Reputation 
 Fruit Smoothie Recipe
Recipe FruitSmoothie
23 Goodwill 12 Pearl Avatar-Pike Pike Level 8 Reputation 
 Gold Ring Recipe
Recipe GoldRing
26 Goodwill 17 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 8 Reputation 
 Golden Skeleton Key Recipe
Recipe SkeletonKey
31 Goodwill 18 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 8 Reputation 
 Ship in a Bottle Recipe
Recipe ShipInABottle
33 Goodwill 19 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 8 Reputation 
 Rainbow Roll Recipe
Recipe RainbowRoll
36 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Clara Clara Level 8 Reputation 
 Steel Pan Drums Recipe
Recipe PanDrum
39 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Pike Pike Level 10 Reputation 
 Sunrise Bouquet Recipe
Recipe MixedBouquet
42 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 10 Reputation 
 Dive Helmet Recipe
Recipe DiveHelm
45 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 10 Reputation 
 Canvas Recipe
Recipe Canvas
47 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 15 Reputation 
 Maple Chunk Recipe
Recipe MapleCrunch
50 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 15 Reputation 
 Wooden Abacus Recipe
Recipe Wooden Abacus
51 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 16 Reputation 
 Soothing Serum Recipe
Recipe Soothing Serum
52 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 17 Reputation 
 Kickin' Cacao Recipe
Recipe Spicy Chocolate
54 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 18 Reputation 
 Sun Hat Recipe
Recipe Sun Hat
54 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Keani Keani Level 18 Reputation 
 Mango Crepes Recipe
Recipe Mango Crepes
57 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Pike Pike Level 19 Reputation 
 TopHat Recipe
Recipe TopHat
60 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 20 Reputation 
 Poppn' Pomegranate Recipe
Recipe RedYarn
62 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 20 Reputation 
 Tapestry Recipe
Recipe Tapestry
64 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Clara Clara Level 20 Reputation 
 Cowbell Recipe
Recipe Cowbell
65 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Finn Finn Level 20 Reputation 
 Chili Mango Marmalade Recipe
Recipe Chili Mango Marmalade
67 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Keani Keani Level 20 Reputation 
 Dive Goggles Recipe
Recipe Diver goggles
73 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Pike Pike Level 20 Reputation 
 Spicy Chili Pizza Recipe
Recipe Chili Pizza
77 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Sita Sita Level 20 Reputation 
 Harp Recipe
Recipe Harp
78 Goodwill 20 Pearl Avatar-Wesley Wesley Level 20 Reputation 

Bazaar Items

There are several items of decor that are available at the Bazaar. They can be bought with Pearls, combinations of Dyes, or Prestige.

  Bazaar Item  Pearl   Dyes   Social   Etoile Prestige   Social Currency 
 Jungle Tree
1 Pearl
 Boat Planter
1 Pearl
 Wood Bench
2 Pearl
 Sand Castle
3 Pearl
 Spiked Tree
4 Pearl
 Floating Toy Turtle
3 DyeGreen . DyeBlue . DyeRed
 Wood Lamp
3 DyeGreen 1 DyeBlue . DyeRed
 Tiki Statue
6 DyeGreen 3 DyeBlue . DyeRed
3 DyeBlue 1 DyeRed
 Puffer Fish
6 DyeGreen 3 DyeBlue
 Volcanic Geyser
3 DyeRed
 Bamboo Well
Deco BambooWell
3 DyeGreen 2 DyeBlue 1 DyeRed
100 Social
100 Social
100 Social
 Sturdy Craft
Deco FinnBoat
75 Etoile Prestige
Deco Firepit
75 Etoile Prestige
 Wave Cut Out
Deco BeachWave
3 Etoile Prestige
Deco Water Slide
30 Etoile Prestige
 Sunflower Planter
Deco Platypus Flowers
10 Etoile Prestige
Deco Jukebox
30 Etoile Prestige

Karma Tab

Spending KarmaSocial points at the Bazaar allows you to buy AxeToolAxe, ShearsToolHedgeTrimmers and SledgehammerToolSledgehammer.
Sometimes, you may also buy a special chest with Pet Sticker and tools, usually during special events.

Prestige Tab

Prestige Stars Etoile Prestige allow you to buy exclusive Decor, and extra Trees and Bushes.

Events Tab

During Special Events (such as the Summer Sandcastle, or the Grand Egg Basket events) special decor may be available at the Bazaar for varying amounts of event currency. These are Limited Edition items that become unavailable after you have spend all the specific event currency associated. You may also buy Stickers Chest with associated social currency

Past Events Decors

Halloween Event Decor

October 20th to November 2nd 2015

Limited Edition Halloween Items









5 CandyCorn

20 CandyCorn

25 CandyCorn

100 CandyCorn

100 CandyCorn

300 CandyCorn

300 CandyCorn

500 CandyCorn

Holiday Event Decor


Winter Decor Event December 18, 2015 to January 6, 2016

Limited Edition Holiday Items

Snow patch

Holiday snowball stack

Holiday snowfort wall

Holiday snowfort corner

Holiday presents

Holiday fence

Holiday gate

1 PepperMint

5 PepperMint

10 PepperMint

10 PepperMint

15 PepperMint

15 PepperMint

30 PepperMint

Holiday planter

Lantern post XMas

Holiday northpole



Holiday tree

Holiday workshop

60 PepperMint

60 PepperMint

80 PepperMint

100 PepperMint

100 PepperMint

250 PepperMint

500 PepperMint