How to get

This crop is unlocked at Level 56.
It can be harvested from a Banana TreeBananaTree.


Time between harvests : 24 hours
Quantity harvested each time : 3

Used to make

 Recipe   Time   Ingredients 
Banana Split
Banana split
45 min Clock 1x Banana Banana

2x Vanilla Vanilla
1x Cacao Cacao
1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk

Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
5 min Clock 1x Banana Banana

2x Sugar Cane SugarCane
2x Wheat Wheat

Fruit Platter
Fruit Platter
1h Clock 2x Grapes Grapes

2x Blueberries Blueberries
1x Pineapple Pineapple
1x Banana Banana

Banana Honey Butter
Banana Honey Butter
1h Clock 2x Banana Banana

1x Honey HoneyBucket
1x Coconut Milk CoconutMilk
1x Vanilla Vanilla

1 h Clock 1x Seashells Seashells

2x Banana Banana
2x Magnolia Blossoms Magnolia
2x Coffee Coffee

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